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Hey all...


Just a couple of videos of me playing my Gibson J-60 Traditional through the Fender Super Champ X2 combo. Some folks over in the Fender Lounge were clamoring for a Acoustasonic setting on the SCX2's, specifically voiced for acoustics (yeah, I hand out there too).The Jazzmaster setting is a clean solid state amp model... go figure, a tube amp emulating a solid state [confused] In any event, it's well suited for acoustics... or at least good enough for me!





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Hey Jam on my phone right now can't watch the videos but ill check them out shortly. I to own a j60 walnut and its the best dread I've owned. Finally found something to replace the firebird acoustic I had. Is yours the rosewood or walnut




Pretty sure it's rosewood... I didn't know there was a walnut version. I'll have to poke around on the net and see if I can scope out a walnut version. Do you have a pic of yours you could upload?


I just did a search for pics and mine is clearly the rosewood version. There was a curly maple version too which looks pretty sweet. No need to upload a pic unless you just want to show off your honey [wink]

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I posted some in an earlier thread but for showing off purposes ill go again




Not the greatest pics but as you can see a beautiful plain Jane I want to call it work horse but not appropriate. People can't believe it when they hear it. Loudest most responsive dread I've played. Must be the black walnut beats me

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