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Epiphone LP Junior '57 Reissue - Missing Serial Number


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Hi everyone,


I thought maybe someone could shed some light on this... I bought an Epiphone LP Junior '57 Reissue a few years back on eBay. I absolutely love the guitar. My question (for years now) is about the serial number. As you can see in the pictures below, the last 3 digits are completely missing. There are literally holes in the finish down to the wood. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what this means? All other aspects of the guitar check out fine, leading me to believe it is authentic. I'm just totally stumped on the missing digits of the serial number. Any ideas? Thanks for your help!


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Welcome to the forum!!


The headstock, at least, looks fine.

How about pics of the rest of the guitar?

It was made in the Daewon factory in 2007.

Maybe some jerk got a hold of it on Dae two.


Other than that...


Fill in the holes with scrapings of matching crayon wax.

Work in with your thumb.

Polish over.

Post picks of entire guitar!



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It's a refurbished unit with a much shorter warrenty. My Wilshire is like that but doesn't have the 2nd stamp. Prevents another warrenty repair.


If a dealer returns a guitar for a fixable problem some states do not allow it to be re-sold as new. For example a tone pot that doesn't work right. So Epi repairs them and sells them as refurbished guitars at a discount. At least that is what a reliable dealer told me.

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