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I know this is a bit of a silly question as everyone has different tastes but anyway....I am looking to buy a Gibson LP Standard for between £1000 to £1800 (at a push) so I cant really afford something vintage so which is the best? There are that many options ..weight relived, chambered, full weight, I guess I would prefer the slimmer neck and want the famous sustain, what are the tendon necks etc, are the finish`s good on the newer ones ? Are bustbucker pups good? I play classic rock and blues stuff


any advice appreciated I just want to get something cool for the money



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Really, you essentially said it yourself, you know we can't answer this for you. Its a completely subjective question.


Here's what you need to do, take a couple road trips to some music stores and try out some Les Pauls in your price range. You will find huge differences in playability and personal desire even among different guitars in the same model. I'm willing to bet it will play out like this...




1) You try a bunch of guitars and then just when you think you'll never be able to choose you'll pick one up and know immediately its the one.


2) You try a bunch, love one early on, but be afraid to pull the trigger because its one of the first you tried, then you'll try it again and immediately know its the one.


I know you'd rather hear an answer that includes exactly what you should buy, but that's just not possible. You'll have your own preferences on playability, whats too heavy, sound, neck comfort, etc.

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Yup, its all down to personal taste...


If you like the slimmer necks though, be aware that Gibsons have two main types of neck. A 50s thick (baseball bat) type and a 60s slim tapered neck (which is what I really like)..


More and more guitars come with a 60s neck now or even some guitars like the Tradional Pro come with both types.


On the newer 2012 Standard and Studio models come with coil splitting push pull knobs.. Which means you can split the double coil humbucker to a single coil which gives you loads of sounds on one guitar.


Also if you dont know about the Studios. They are basically made in the same place and same techniques as the Standards but with no binding or bling on them. Some think that they have lesser wood grades and wiring, but im not sure about that (and they are something like the third of the price of a standard). But you have to try both to see for youself.


As for pickups.. They are all pretty good. Busrtbuckers are excellent, 57s are more mellow and bluesy and then you have the 496 and 500t that are used on the Classics that are super hot sounding.


The one Les Paul that always gets a mention is the Custom Classic.



They seemed to be almost a gift from Gibson.. EVERYONE rates these guitars. They have 57s pickups and a slim neck and for some reason the quality of them was top notch.


Well I hope that helps and is the sort of info you were after.


Good luck on your hunt. But as mentioned the best advice we can give is to try as many as you can. One always jumps out at you and says ME ME, IM the ONE BUY ME :)

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Probably either a Traditional or a Standard would be found to tick most of the boxes most of the time.


There are a few variations of the Trad.


All LPs vary even within the same model so that's why it's almost imperative that you play as many as you can find.


Good luck and enjoy the hunt.



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Thanks for the replies - I have just sold a studio and although a cool guitar I have always wanted a good looking LP like tobacco or honey burst, I know its all about playability but call me a naive but looks mean a lot as I think guitars are beautiful and are like pieces of sculpture. where I live there are only two guitar shops and only one stocks Gibson LP`s and they are 2011-2012 models, I`m sure they are good but I have read so many conflicting reports as to neck binding, poor finish, chambered etc etc so I will end up buying a guitar on line so I can`t try it, I have my eye on several ranging from 2002,2004, 2008, 2011 AAAA ,AA, Traditional plus etc etc, its a mine field, I just want something a bit special under 2k


thanks again and anymore input appreciated





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