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Quiet day and Sandy

ol fred

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Quiet's over, A huge number of members live in areas that were and are affected by this storm. The best to all of you from this corner, hoping that you and yours are safe and well.


For those of you still able to connect ....OH NO! it's that pick guard C%*p again ](*,) but check out the placement on June Carter Cash"s Kalamazoo Bird at the National Music Museum.


Just as a point of reference of course.



JuneCarterCashHummingbirdLabel by Rescue Canyon Man, on Flickr



JuneCarterCashHummingbirdSerialNumber by Rescue Canyon Man, on Flickr




Carter PG by Rescue Canyon Man, on Flickr


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The interesting thing is that the inside radius of that pickguard soundhole cutout was obviously cut for a larger radius, which means it was "meant" to go outside the rosette. If you go through Fabulous Flat-Tops, you'll see no consistency at all on the historical placement on various 'bird models and Super Jumbo models over time.


There did seem to be consistency on the placement of teardrop pickguards, until someone in Bozeman decided to mess with our heads........

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Yea, well...dig this:


The "new" of "different" PG placement is a thing done during RENS watch.


Ren era guitars are among the best there ever were.


I therefore, suggest it is the SUPERIOR placement. It's the new real deal.

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To put that PG outside the rosette would leave a fair tail hanging out past the binding. Someone in Engineering wasn't talking to Purchasing.... No matter how hard you try, some idiot doesn't read the memos.



Having said that... this PG looks like it belongs on a larger guitar. Is Sister June's HBird standard size? Or was it downsized in the custom shop to fit her diminutive stature? Then a standard HB PG was installed as best they could.




For you serial number translators, When was this one made?

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