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Identify if this is a Gibson guitar


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Can anyone recognize this giataru. I inherited it from my grandfather. He bought in 1954. The guitar is bad retaurirana 1987 and then painted over. At the top it said Gibson guitars.

I hope that you will help me to determine what this type of guitar.

post-48420-013299700 1351859402_thumb.jpg

post-48420-050968600 1351859465_thumb.jpg

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Very old Gretsch (non-electric) Archtops, had a very similar headstock. But, as of yet,

I've not found one, with that type of fret markers. Although, in the photo, some of them

look to be painted on (by the owner?). So...??? Could be a cheap copy, of a Gretsch, too???

The back of, the headstock to neck transition, looks more "Asian" made, to me. But, who knows?



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