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They're all definitly better musicians than I'll ever be. I have no axe to grind with them. However, in all sincerity, using the f-word shows a lack of maturity and songwriting ability. Instead of the shock value of four-letter words, draw me a picture with words and show me what the relationship is. Paint the picture with lyrics that show emotion. Don't tell me what the emotion is. Show me. I've rarely been one to say "Wow, they're using the f-word. Did you hear that man? Cool song." That's just me. It doesn't make me better than someone else, but it does cause me to kind of pity them. I suspect they can do better. The proverbial f-word for entertainment is what cheap and cheezy comedians have to rely on............. "I woke-up Sunday morning with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt." What a picture, painted by someone who knows how to use metaphors, develop images, paint pictures with words. And the line is easily worth a thousand words. Then a few lines later, "and caught the Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken, and it took me back to somethin', that I'd lost somehow, somewhere along the way." Someone's life put into 24 words that supply images for however you want to interpret back to something, back to where, lost somehow, lost somewhere......I interpret this as a guy having a really bad f-ing day. Kristofferson didn't say that, but he did draw it with words. I saw it in the images and pictures. Very effective.


Anyway, due to the f-word, I meander...lol...I'm not offended by it. Never really have been. I just don't need it to express myself in a song. I write better than that, and I'm an amatuer songwriter.......


Another +1, Wily....lol

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