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NGD - J45 Standard

Jeff M

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Thanks for all the kind words, both on the video and the guitar. I agree there is something special about the standard and I hope to get to know it very well in the next few months.



I'm currently debating between a J-45 and a Martin 000-18GE. After playing the two for a while, how would you compare the necks? Which guitar would you say would be better for leads and playing up the neck, for acoustic blues and rock? I've never realized how much bigger the J45 was compared to the 000 until seeing them side by side. My guess is the J45 has a lot more bass and power. I'm leaning towards the J-45 simply because I like the combination of shorter scale length with the more drednaught style body.


Well I haven't had the J45 long enough to really give a good review of it. The 000GE is the oldest sounding new guitar I've ever played. Very dry and woody. Does old-time finger picking well and can sound very nice on the pretty stuff too. It does folk/rock surprisingly well. I play Neil Young stuff all the time and it nails it. Plenty of low end for a 000. All the great things you read about these guitars is true. Quite a versatile guitar for it's size.

The neck of the GE is wider than the 45. It's not chunky, not much of a V at all. I like it but some people find it too wide. Good luck in the search.


There's a video on my youtube page of the GE on a Tom Petty tune if you want to get an idea of it's sound.

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Congratulations on the J45 Standard.


I have the 2010 model - I assume they are similar.


I am about to get mine customised a bit - it has been ignored with some of the vintage Gibsons I have bought recently taken my time and the J45 needs a new set of tyres or a new set of clothes..,.....


We don't get a lifetime warranty on the Gibsons in Australia, and mine has run out so........




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