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Dr Z Amp Question

sling blade

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Why don't you ask Dr Z direct?


Here's all the information you'll need to get in contact with Dr. Z Amps:


By Email



By Mail

Dr. Z Amplification

17011 Broadway Ave.

Maple Hts. OH 44137


By Phone

Phone: (216) 475-1444

Fax: (216) 475-4333



If your Z amp needs service contact the repair department by clicking HERE.


Please note: All repairs on used Z amps will incur a $60 minimum bench charge.

All repairs on used Z amps have a 90 day warranty.




you could always add a Dana Hall VVR circuit to your amp cheap ( http://www.hallamplification.com/main.html?src=%2F#2,2 ) that would take the B+ voltages inside the amp down to something like 25v which would make the amp wispher on its lowest setting


you could go with a webber mini-mas ( http://www.tedweber.com/atten.htm ) attenuator

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Calling "The Man" is a good idea.


Just in case there is anything weird about the circuit, and also, if the tubes are out of order, they can let you know which 2 tubes to take out. The might also be in a position to give you an idea how forgiving the design is, as in how much of an impedence mismatch it would handle.


This is exactly the route I went with my Victorilux. Same tubes in fact.


Once you have dropped 2 tubes out, You really should address the speakers and impedence regardless. With 2 EL-84's, it would be about 20 watts at the most, which means you only need one speaker, AND it also means you can use anything from a p12R and up. A single speaker, or a lower wattage speaker would go a long way toward the direction you want to go.

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You might be able to get an amp guy to put in a low power switch that will cut out half of the power section when it's engaged. I'm not sure exactly how to do it, but I'll bet somebody does. :unsure:


The other thing is - The amp has a master volume. I guess maybe that's not the kind of "lower volume" you're looking for. But, of course, that's what Dr. Z puts on the amp to do what you want.

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