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I've been playing and changing strings for longer than I care to admit. I just read that for round core wound strings you should not trim the excess until the string is up to pitch. I had never heard that before. Years ago a guy showed me how he cuts the strings before he winds them by taking the string in question to the next peg beyond and cutting it. Am I correct in assuming most wound strings are wound on a round core?




BTW, just did the first string change on my new AJ. What a difference. I'm still amazed how bad old strings can get before I really notice it.



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Round core strings are the exception, most strings are Hex core.


The Hex core strings outer winding bites into the edges of the hex core and this keeps the winding from unraveleing when cut prior to installation.

The Round core string will not stop the wrap from unravelling when cut prior to install.


DR suggests, when you install the roundcores, be sure you have a wrap or two around the

tuning post before you cut off the excess length. The reasoning is that since the core is not

hex shaped, the windings are not locked to the core except at the distal crimp. As I understand it, DR wraps the round core strings under tension, then crimps the end to 'keep' the winding in place until the string is installed. The kink at the tuner post is enough to keep the wrap in place.


hope this helps



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The Dr's also instructs you to crimp the strings or bend them at a 90 degree angle. I do this with a pair of needle nose pliers. I also do not cut them until tuned to pitch. If the windings loosen up you will have all kinds of intonation problems. I know this from experience.



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