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So i wanted a cheap beater git i could take anywhere and after searching for a decent quality git in the 90 dollar price range i picked this. A Jasmine by Takamine s34c nex Cutaway. Spruce top, mahogany neck, nato back and sides and rosewood fretboard with a nice satin finish. Was literally stunned how pretty the guitar is and i hate to say it but was better than epiphones and fenders and ibanez in the same price range, in fact it wasnt even close.

Felt to me like i was playing a 300 dollar Hummingbird altho not really a fair comparison because i try to compare gits in the same range. I believe Nato is the indonesian type of mahogany?? Anyways, the git has an amazing full sound and for just about the cheapest git Takamine has i was pretty impressed. Anyone else have a beater they love too?




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It's pretty...but honestly...how does it compare to your Martin (I have the same Martin)?


Not quite a fair comparison as the martin is a 1200 dollar git, this is 90 bucks. However, ill say the Martin has better action, better sound and smells off the charts. Surprisingly, this has good sustain for a cheap beater. Nowhere near as good as the Martin which one strum seems to last 30 seconds but for the price i paid it blows away every other git in that price range.


The Finish is actually just as nice as the martin believe it or not (at least in my untrained eye). Granted,no binding but the wood looks like its much more expensive than it actually is and this is my first cutaway, i almost got my epiphone 200 in cutaway but went for the full body instead. All in all, i couldnt be happier and am anxious to try higher end Takamine. The only people ive ever seen play Takamine are country musicians but im sure someone in rock must play them.

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