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New Cable Day :D

Ever since the NAMM 2013 show I was interested in that Santo Angelo Mute Plug cable.

It is like having a kill switch on your guitar.

These are also a product of Brazil.


I ordered a 15' one from Amazon Thursday, and FedEx dropped it off today.

Santo Angelo MUTEPLUG L TX Straight to Right-Angle 1/4-Inch Plug Instrument Cable - 15 Feet

I went for the angle plug on the guitar, but the straight one might have been easier to get to the button.

The mute button works as described, very nice.


Been jamming along with the Palladia channel today, ZZ Top was playing on it after a three hour Journey concert in Manila ended.

Cable is very stiff as it is cloth covered, my first of this type.

Does not roll up as easy as a regular jacketed one, so it will take practice to get it right.







This cable cures my GAS for this week, but I suspect there will be an outbreak coming again before to long.

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Didnt planet waves do something similar a few years ago? I use bullet cables and they're dead silent is you touch both parts of the jack when you unplug/plug it because you're essentially grounding it

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