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  1. In Topic:And now we lose Gregg Allman

    27 May 2017 - 10:15 PM

    Yes, it's Very Sad, but not unexpected, really. [crying] But, he, Duane and the boys, left us LOTS of Great Music!

    R.I.P. Gregg!

  2. In Topic:2006 Les Paul Classic Goldtop Checking?

    26 May 2017 - 05:42 PM

    Yep, "Stress Fractures," in the paint! Not "checking!" I have a 1976 Gibson LP Deluxe, that has NO checking, or stress
    fractures, at all! My '64 Strat has none, as well! So, even "Vintage" guitars don't HAVE to have finish checking. However,
    with "Nitro" finishes, it's actually quite common. Some folks LOVE that patina, and even have it done, to pristine new (or old)
    guitars, on purpose, at considerable extra cost.

    For me, if "checking" happens "naturally," to any of my guitars, in the future, for whatever reason, so be it. But, I'd never
    pay a premium to have it done. But, that's just "Me!" [biggrin]

    If it really bothers you, take it to a good, skilled Luthier, and see what he/she can do(?), for you! There are finish treatments
    available, but they can be tedious, and time consuming=expensive, for such a small area. And, best carried out, by true and skilled

    Good Luck!

  3. In Topic:sg supra with high gain

    26 May 2017 - 05:18 PM

    While I don't know your situation, and other gear (Amp, pedal(s), etc.)...or exactly what you're trying to
    achieve "High Gain" wise, I can tell you that '57's are not considered "High Gain" pickups! Just the opposite,
    really. However, in ANY "High Gain" situation they will work quite well, given the right amp type,
    settings (EQ, volume and tone). I.E., the AMP is far more important, IMHO, than the pickups! But, to each
    his/her own. You could put in Gibson 500 Ceramic's, or any number of other After-Market pickups that are
    designed more for "High Gain," than the lower gain '57's or Burstbucker's.

    I have 4 SG's and they ALL have '57's in them. [biggrin] They are my favorite Gibson pickups. So, I AM "prejudice"
    toward them. BUT, having said that, I've also never had any negative issue(s) with them, in "High Gain" situations, at all!
    Just made whatever amp adjustments, or even amp selection, or pedal use, as needed.

    Good Luck, in your "Tone" quest! [thumbup]

  4. In Topic:ES-335 Pro vs Sheraton

    25 May 2017 - 06:00 AM

    Major Differences..."Bling!" A Sheraton Pro, is the "top of the Epiphone thinline semi-hollow body line.
    (The Sheraton Pro is to an Epiphone ES-335 Pro, what a Gibson ES 355 is to a Gibson 335! Same "basic" guitar,
    with more cosmetic appointments.) And, of course, the much larger, clipped corner, headstock design, on the
    Sheraton, vs the Standard, and smaller "sloped Dove wing" headstock, on the 335 Pro. All the "Pro" series have
    improved pickups, if slightly different, between models, over the standard fare. The Sheraton Pro, seems
    slightly heavier (to me), in weight, than the the ES-335 Pro, because of the extra appointments, and larger
    headstock. The necks are different, as well. The ES-335 Pro, has a solid Mahogany neck. The Sheraton, has
    a 5 piece Maple/Walnut laminated neck.

    And, the ES-335 Pro, is "out of production!" Still seems to be some overstock, left/available, but
    according to Epiphone, it's no longer being made. To bad, it's a nice guitar!


  5. In Topic:2017 SG Standard

    24 May 2017 - 10:26 PM

    Don't know about the 2017's, but my 2012 '61 Satin Reissue is solid! I've never adjusted the Truss Rod,
    on it, since I bought it. My dealer set it up, tweaked it, to my spec's, and it's never been touched since.
    It consistently plays like a dream, and sounds even better!

    Can't say that about (almost) any other guitar I own, of any brand! Except my '64 L series Strat! It's really
    pretty stable, too! I'm (still) amazed! [biggrin]

    But, to be clear, the guitars that do need adjustment, from time to time, don't need
    a Lot! Just a tweak, mostly due to the natural fluctuations in humidity. Still, very
    minor. I always figured, my Ric 12-strings would be the most finicky? But, they are
    amazingly stable. Maybe I'm just "lucky?" [unsure] [biggrin]



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    08 Nov 2015 - 17:53
    Thanks CB for your thoughts and prayers my friend
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