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  1. In Topic:"Best" Les Pauls

    Today, 11:40 AM

    Well, by your own admission, and seeking of "Art," without trying to prejudice you, in any way, if you have the financial
    means, the Custom Shop is the way to go! Gibson USA makes excellent versions, as well, but at a more "affordable" price

    But, the "Holy Grail" of NEW Gibson's would be the Custom Shop versions. In fact, IF/When you figure out exactly the features
    you love, or require, you can have one built specifically for you! No need to (only) shop off the rack, Custom Shop, or otherwise.
    That's one of the features of the Custom Shop, is to build Custom ordered, guitars. Custom features and/or spec's, colors, tops, etc.!

    Just be as picky as you were, with your piano, to get the Best one, for you, from said Custom Shop. They ALL differ slightly,

    Good Luck!

  2. In Topic:"Best" Les Pauls

    Yesterday, 03:10 PM

    Yeah, that's pretty subjective. For me, the "Best" Les Paul, is always the one I play the most, for whatever reason.
    I Love all my Gibby's, Les Paul's, SG's, Lucille, even my old 1954 J-160! For various reasons. I tend to play my
    TV yellow double cut LP Special P-90 "faded" and/or my Satin '61 SG reissue, the most. But, when I drag out one of the
    other's I'm always smiling, and thinking "Man, I should play THIS one, a lot more!" So, I'm afraid I have no absolute
    answer, to that "Best" question.

    Sorry.... [tongue]

  3. In Topic:Does this look legit?

    Yesterday, 02:57 PM

    Good On You! If I'd found one with the double dots, like that, instead of the normal anniversary inlay,
    I have purchased it, in a heartbeat! Congratulations!! [thumbup]

  4. In Topic:98 Les Paul Double Cut Bridge Pickup?

    Yesterday, 07:50 AM

    View Postsjturbo, on 20 July 2017 - 07:05 AM, said:

    Can any one tell me definitively what bridge pickup came in the 98 Les Paul Double Cut Standard?
    I'd like to put one in my Hamer Special. Thanks much!

    Gibson 490R (neck) and 498T (bridge).

  5. In Topic:3 Strikes Your Out, PRS Blows You Away Gibson

    19 July 2017 - 06:26 PM

    Well, Pip...anyone that knows you (personally, or from years on this forum) knows you're not anyone's "Fanboy!" [flapper] [biggrin] LOL

    I own my fair share of Gibby's too, and am delighted with ALL of them, regardless of their initial price point, or
    (so called) perfection, or lack thereof!

    But, I also love my Fender's, Gretsch's, Rickenbacker's, Epiphone's (vintage and newer), and my "Cheapo's"
    (Danelectro 12-string, and Squire Bass VI). Otherwise, I wouldn't have purchase them, in the first place,
    much less kept them for as long as I have...with some of them, that's been from 35+, to over 50 years!

    Anyway, as always, whatever trips one's trigger, is fine! Troll's be damned! [rolleyes]




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    08 Nov 2015 - 17:53
    Thanks CB for your thoughts and prayers my friend
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