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  1. In Topic:Gibson ES-335 Finish Haze - Fixes?

    Yesterday, 03:13 PM

    While I totally understand your concern, and wanting to make it "like new," or as close as possible,
    I'd really just keep it clean, and PLAY the HELL out of it! Doesn't sound like it was (necessarily)
    neglected, as much as just PLAYED, and wiped down afterward. That happens, especially, if the cloth
    is not 100% cotton, or other material that will not scratch "Nitro" finishes.

    When you first mentioned "hazing" I envisioned the "nitro haze" that occurs, when sweat gets into the
    clear coat, and "fogs" it. That initial "fog" goes away, but often leaves a residual "haze." Which
    often tends to remain, somewhat, even after polishing. But that's only around areas that your arm
    rests on, generally.

    Short of a professional deep cleaning, or "refinishing," there's not a lot you can do, that you haven't
    already done, by your description. I really wouldn't stress out, over it. Just gives it more "character!"

  2. In Topic:Gibson les paul vs Gibson dc

    18 September 2017 - 10:05 AM

    [rolleyes] Sorry, Lolo_guitar, your dangling generalities are showing! [flapper] [biggrin]

  3. In Topic:SG 2013

    18 September 2017 - 09:31 AM

    View Postcody78, on 18 September 2017 - 07:27 AM, said:

    I used my SG Original for a gig last month that was recorded and televised. Here's the guitar (and me) in action!


    Cool, Cody! Always good to see our member/friends out playing! [thumbup] Was this a concert, of just your band,
    or part of a festival, etc.? [biggrin] What are those 2 amps behind you...Fender 2X12 DeVilles?

  4. In Topic:SG 2013

    17 September 2017 - 04:03 PM

    Absolutely! 2013 was magical, for Gibson SG's! I bought 3, that year, and my first one, in 40 years, in December
    of 2012...which was the '61 SG Reissue "Satin" finish! I have NO regrets, whatsoever, making any of those purchases.

    2012 Satin Reissue '61 SG
    2013 SG "Original" w/Maestro vibrola
    Kirk Douglass signature SG Custom w/Maestro
    Les Paul Tribute SG w/sideways vibrola

    They all sound amazing, play equally well, and have most of the "spec's" that I grew up with, regarding SG's,
    (which were Les Paul's, the first year (1961), and...depending on what you read, were designated LP's
    until Les's contract was finished, with Gibson, and/or when they ran out of "Les Paul" truss rod covers,
    and/or so designated "tenon" covers. Those "spec's" were wide, and deeper bevels, horn tapering, small
    pick-guards, re-enforced '61 neck joint, wider head-stock, and neck (at the nut). Where they differ,
    from the vintage '60's, is the head-stock is slightly more "flanged" (pointed) at the upper bout (the '61's
    were "squarer" in style), and, the 2013's (except the Custom Shop versions) have "Nashville" bridges,
    instead of ABR's. And, I believe the CS version have the longer neck tenon. In my try outs, with a nice
    "Orange" amp, there was no detectable difference, between the CS version and the "Original" I bought,
    regarding sustain, medium tenon or long tenon. But, that's merely my observation, with those particular
    guitars available.

    At the time I purchased my SG "Original," I played several (6) of that model, and a couple CS versions, as well.
    They ALL sounded great, and played well! But, unplugged, the CS version w/Maestro, was a "brick," compared
    the SG "Original" I ended up buying. It is/was very "alive" even unplugged. The weight of all the (8) SG's
    that I had available for purchase, were very close...felt identical, to me, including the CS versions. But my
    "Original" was (to me) the best of the bunch, whatever the price.

    Obviously, these are my own observations, and opinions. Other's may have differing experiences. But, 2013 was
    certainly an awesome year, for SG's! USA or Custom Shop!


  5. In Topic:NGD: 2018 SG Special

    16 September 2017 - 04:09 PM

    View Postdarling67, on 16 September 2017 - 02:33 PM, said:

    Sure thing! I love engaging in sleuth work... and if guitars are involved, even better.

    I own three SGs now... and each has different horn bevels. My '91 Standard has no beveling; my 2013 '50s Tribute has deep beveling that meets at the point; and my new 2018 Special has the beveling as shown—stops before reaching the point, creating a new edge.

    Yeah, my SG's all have '61 bevels and horn tapers. I'm a bit of a "Nut," that way! [biggrin] A LOT of SG owners don't
    seem to care, one way or the other, but I've always loved the early '60's beveling and horn tapering! They were the
    original spec's, were what I grew up using, and (to me) defined the SG. But, that's just Me! [tongue] [rolleyes] [biggrin]



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    Thanks CB for your thoughts and prayers my friend
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