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  1. As a fellow horn enthusiast I can't believe you forgot to mention the wonderful Paul Desmond Most jazz horn players played far too many notes Paul knew just the right number of notes to play....
  2. I only mentioned it because I am borderline phobic.
  3. Most Cajun music is 2 chords....I and V Designed for knees-up partying and Bontemps Roulez type stuff They have serious competitions to establish who can play alternate foot bass drum rhythm They have serious competitions to establish who can play triangle They sing Franglais mix patois Their food is excellent and somewhat greasy...in a word Cajuns Are Something Else...!!
  4. Surely Rock and Roll is a misnomer today as it has evolved beyond it's original concept and style Maybe some other name/label would be more appropriate...any ideas?
  5. When the going gets tough The tough have a 30min tea-break
  6. Jaco with J McLaughlin was pretty good....
  7. I believe this may be Doner...as in Doner Kebab...which is trad Greek cuisine I have a huge number of Greek owned Fish'n Chip shops nearby and they all have the vertical spit grill thing I think Doner actually refers to lamb meat...so it may be adapted to beef etc I would be interested to know if that is correct.
  8. I might venture to suggest that Yoko makes an awful noise But is astute in all her financial dealings.....
  9. Yes Robin, good points....I've enjoyed J McL's playing for a long time and admire his precision and jazz roots His clean lifestyle also contrasted with the jazz/rock fashions of his peers I think Jimi's huge popularity and personality would have sparked off some magical moments Perhaps with a bit too much craziness and hype for comfort....!!
  10. Good Day to the thread...I hope you are having a good day You are all wrong, as usual, the best food period is in the UK Just get used to it We invented curry and it just gets better from then on I have an Italian restaurant close by which is 'top hole' And wipes the floor with other pretenders' pizzas We also have the best Scooter Delivery System in the world....
  11. Lots of people leave the set-up to the tech's judgement And then find it not quite to taste Which gauge of Martins are on now? And ask him whether the truss rod was adjusted I think those Elixirs you quoted are 12's so That is a benchmark to guide you.
  12. I am wondering at the veracity of this post Just wondering..... Or is it a gentle wind-up? Bees are important for the propagation of plant life They work hard...hence the well known expression 'Busy as a Bee' They are slightly more benign than wasps... Does a wasp do anything for mankind? I have an amp that buzzes like a bee I have been quite successful curing it By jamming pieces of cardboard into the Vibrating area.
  13. Steep learning curve and valuable experience I agree that to learn all the processes is important Then you can check on other peoples' input with knowledge And pre-empt incompetence and time wasting Don't laugh But why not book a man-management course...it's useful In most music situations....
  14. This story has all sorts of aspects to it Initial disbelief Unbelievable carelessness Poor risk management Joie de vivre Sadness at the loss Unique insurance claim Urgent rewrite of user manual Irony (large amount) Monty Python factor..... We send all our love.....RIP.....
  15. Rightly or wrongly Rock has many more male participants Than female Partly due to the style and ethos of the music Country and Country/Rock is an easier route to success for a female And some of the early Blues pioneers were women Jazz has never been short of great female vocalists Recently there is a trend for Classical/Operatic female singers To 'go pop' for fame and fortune There are some great male vocalists who can hit the highs like Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Sting And falsetto harmonies from Beach Boys, Beatles etc to satisfy the High register in an arrangement It's great to hear variety.....
  16. We begin to understand The pivotal Role That pizza has to play In many peoples' Lives.....
  17. Some very pertinent points made so far There is a danger with all beautiful tools To spend more time polishing than playing Worrying about scratches etc. Aspiration can be a motivator Sometimes one's partner/spouse Expresses an opinion....!!
  18. Just a random muse But how amazing would the planned Collaboration between Jimi and Miles Have been?........
  19. Fantastic post....I always wanted to see some of his music from this period !!
  20. I agree MP For variety I dabble with the 'small fiddle' And the 'big fiddle'....
  21. Small amps are often more fun than big ones Roland Cubes are excellent There are some true valve amps in this price area eg Epiphone, Laney Pignose is legendary ! Hybrids like Marshall Valvestate and Vox Valvetronics Are excellent.
  22. Gordon Smith makes nice SG and LP style 12 strings.
  23. I agree... U Tube is a reflection of the internet in general Potential for great opening of the mind Often spoilt by immature forum postings by Anonymous nobodies I will not let it spoil my enjoyment... In the last year I have had more fun looking at Classic music performances than I could ever have dreamt of And with biographies on wiki to complete the picture It is a true musical enthusiast's playground.
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