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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've never noticed a washer in there before and just wanted to make sure that by removing it I wouldn't risk damaging the guitar. And the pic i posted doesn't do the awesome flame top justice at all....will take and post some better pics soon.
  2. Hey all, I'm loving my new 2018 LP Standard! Very resonant guitar with tons of bite. I have a question about the poker chip installation. The top ring wouldn't thread onto the switch pole so when I opened the toggle switch cavity I found a metal washer there. I took the washer off and was then able to thread the toggle top ring. I have never noticed a washer on the toggle switch on the inside before...is this to compensate for the lack of plastic washer (depth wise) as the guitar comes from the factory?.... and, are there any ill effects from removing it? Also I noticed the toggle switch itself (threaded sleeve) doesn't stick up through to the top but sit flush with the body on the inside of the cavity....normal? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  3. Ended up buying it!!! Man, has to be one of the heaviest LP's I've ever held. I don't have scales but I'm gonna guess it's a 10 plus pounder. Sounds killer. The guy I bought it from said he bought it brand new and never learned to play...he strums chords on his acoustic now and again but only pulled out the LP once in awhile. He never had it set up in the 10 ears it sat under his bed and the fret board is very light brown....should I oil it or just leave it? I put the cream pick guard and original TRC back on it. Will post pics later today. Thanks for the input from those who responded.
  4. I added a photo of the back of the head stock....I emailed pics to gibson customer support and they responded that the serial number and pics were consistent with a black 2008 LP Traditional.
  5. That's a super cool looking guitar! Congrats.
  6. Jus wanna reach out to the gurus here on the authenticity of a LP I am looking at buying. The owner changed the pick guard and TRC but it's stock otherwise. I don't see any red flags but just wanted to ask the pro's here....is it legit? Thanks for any responses.
  7. Thanks. Yes, I doubt I'll ever find it, but if I do and the owner doesn't want to part with it at least I can give them some history on it.
  8. Hey all, Just thought I'd post here as I have mounted a search to find my guitar that was sold out from under me by a pawn shop in Oshawa, Ontario Canada. It was in about 2001-2002. When I went to pay it off the guy at the store told me the tag must have fallen off and that it was accidentally sold. My dad bought me the guitar at Long and McQuade Oshawa in 1993 when I was starting out in my band. I toured with it and recorded a cpl albums. It's a long shot but who knows. It's a wine red 1987 Les Paul Custom that would have been bought at a pawn shop in Oshawa around that time, 2001-2002. Serial number is 82297583. Again, I know it's a long shot, but my Dad's health is failing and I'd love to be able to tell him I got it back. Of course I'd be willing to work out a fair price if it's current owner would be interested in selling it back to me.
  9. Had my doubts for sure...no binding , and that bridge...wtf? Lol
  10. I think it's a beat old J-45....has a pinnless bridge and a zero fret....what is it?
  11. The answer to your question is no. P90,s have a smaller route than the full sized hum buckers.
  12. First off make sure to loosen the strings to relieve the tension. Make sure you are using a screwdriver with a big head to maximize your tork, and if they are still stuck, then a little spray of WD40 or a drop or two of 3in1 oil, let it sit for a for awhile and try again. It's never a good idea to try to force any hardware on your guitar.
  13. Rockin around the Christmas tree and Queens get Down Make Love and We Will Rock You.
  14. LOL...so we should see the 2017's...well...never! There are still a bunch of them sitting in my local L&M (2015's that is)priced so low it's ridiculous. I doubt they can give them away let alone sell them. I always get a good laugh out of the hologram of Les on the back. He would have been so disappointed in the big "G" for the 2015 lineup. I guess it would have been the second time in history that he would want his name taken off the guitar.
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