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  1. I bought a used Martin d28 with a John Pearce rosewood armrest that left a stain on the top very similar to what the op posted.I tried but the stain remained.
  2. I would like to wish all a safe and a very Merry Christmas.
  3. Welcome aboard. I did have one ej200sce and the changes I found to improve the sound was replacing the strings to elixir 12 53 phosphor bronze. I also changed the nut,saddle and bridge pins to bone. Those changes really helped my guitar as I hardly ever played mine plugged in. Hope this helps you.
  4. Congrats on your new additions.
  5. My oldest Epiphone I have is my 2011 Masterbilt aj500.
  6. Congrats Mickthemiller!! I had emailed Long and Mcquade asking when the guitar would be available on Sunday past and today they replied "We are expecting these early September".
  7. Congrats photodusty you can't go wrong with a Gibson j45
  8. If all Masterbuilt aj-45me sound this poorly you can count me out to purchase one.
  9. I love it,very impressed with the quality,sound and playability.

  10. Hey how's the new Yamaha treating you?

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