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  1. I put my C.F.Martin D42 Custom up on the trading post ..140 views.. Not a single comment..she has nice hair...too much make up..looks just like her mother..do you mind if I shag her...nothing !
  2. Now you need to walk in that shoppe and approach the two neutral as if you were a shopper and play them. That should be your answer. By the way,which do you play better on ? Gotta say $4500 on that guitar is more like in the realm of I got spare cash Ill take one of those (dessert) Still..a solid topped version & original,of this Epiphone..which has a nice sound.Tempting.
  3. Guitar sounds good.. The Pyramid Silver Plated Wound sound mellower , maybe you'll like them.. 306-100 (.011-.050)
  4. MP.. That guy is almost dumb founded & mezmerized playing that first one. Driven to mania. The differences on a base level are subtile but in that grey area we are all after which makes them special or not, that first one has it. I recognize that sound & the mania . That first one is special and at $1k more is well worth it. Oh where art thou spare money..
  5. J200 (1989 Reissue) Sitka/Quartered English Maple J200 Standard Sitka/Figured Maple
  6. Don't understand why Gibson rations the line from some of the best dealers in the world. Mandolin Brothers for one.. Ironically Stan Jay the owner of Mandolin Brothers was the spark that got Steve Carlson & Ren Fergusen to come to Gibson, who in turn revived , with the owners backing, the wonderfull Gibson Acoustic flat top guitar. In a humaine world he & his great shoppe should be the first to carry the line
  7. Good deal..what was the deal by the way? Action seems high..!
  8. One of the best ones I ever played was a 59' but the one this guy is playing does not sound really very good. The back & sides I think are laminated on these guitars.
  9. If you are talking about investing in yourself,find & buy the guitar that sounds most beautifull & makes you play best. That's the best investment. If you want a guitar which is monetarily an investment the ones you mention are not going to be rare really.
  10. I'd say in guitars, Gibson pretty much is the love of my life.
  11. Eric Clapton and Martin...both over rated. And Taylor is more unappealing than that.
  12. Can Mr.Collings really be called a Luthier..? Taylor is definately no Luthier.. Thats manufacturing.
  13. They had recently bought some other company un guitar related..electric shavers possibly... : ) What a way to help pay for it. High volume is not what a lot of those guys working at Gibson were signing up for when they joined.. They and guitar players will not be happy producing instruments that are good.
  14. Interesting..I had a good go at them when I was shopping for the best acoustic guitar and felt that Collings & Santa Cruz pretty much both sounded like a new upper Martin. So its all CNC..how do you like that.. Its just not worth the money if its not a hand made guitar. The guitar I came out finding the best sounding was Lowden..Huss & Dalton & a Bill Moll (basic mah one) The fit and finish thing does not bother me at all when it comes to instruments..thats more of a furniture issue.
  15. This is a step that should be done on every pricey guitar.Described towards the middle on of this video. Interesting. But bracing is important too.
  16. Took the day to brush up (Eli's Comin)..and start learning(Celebrate..Make it with you) a few songs. So I came across this... beautifull clip. The song "Make it with you" reminded me of a girl(Yolanda) who married my friend and recently died from alcohol abuse..such a sweet person she was. And I remember hearing this at her house in the basement when the song was recent. Also..seeing Glen Campbell here at his prime just totally unnerved me. Life wasting away..
  17. Yes.. Martin Co are about to announce that I am about to put the Custom Shop guitar they made for me for sale and that we are divorcing. I will be leaving her for an Irish girl named Lowden..possibly a Gibson as well : )
  18. http://www.lutesandguitars.co.uk/htm/cat.htm Some definite opinions and accute manner of instrument making.. On the the subject of glues Glues Only the best quality hide-glue and isinglass (fish-glue) are used for building our instruments; we don't use modern PVA-based or other resin adhesives, which suffer from 'cold-creep' and are completely unsuitable for assembling musical instruments, in our opinion, or others such as Titebond. PVA-based and aliphatic resin glues and other modern 'woodworking' adhesives never completely set hard, consequently their use means that a 'shock-abs
  19. Have a pair of PAF's from 1961 which Carlo Greco pretty much gave to us for a token amount on my birthday & put in the guitar he was making for me in 1989. I didn't like the look of those rusty looking screws on that pristine guitar,so my brother unscrewed the originals and replaced them with new versions.. Looked much better... collectors value...I am not a collector... I am a musician ...and those suckers in that guitar is magic. A sticker..being determinant of value can only flourish in a society that has been shorted of nutrition from too many processed foods for too long.
  20. Dan...the pain is not going away man. Tomorrow morning call & go in..I had the same thing, guy did it in one day.
  21. No,I had a early/mid 1960's Dove in the late 70's. That was maple. The Hummingbird with Mystic Rosewood which was on the Trading Post was nice..but still think that Wanut guitar would be nicer.
  22. Not tempted..dont like bridge on Song Writer..never use acoustic pickups as in J45 PV..and a maple hummingbird..nah! Im tempted by a JB Walnut for $2800 on the trading Post much more.
  23. I'd say this one is even more sensible .. I wonder how good these things actually sound? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-100th-Anniversary-Gibson-Custom-SJ-200-/170930200146?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cc3bde52
  24. More money but you may consider it. I was looking for a good "one mic in center of room" type of thing to pick up the sound of the room and bought an AKG 414XLS for the cheapest new that I can find it ($723) but had to get a Preamp for it ($160). So that is the lowest I can recommend. Next up and magical an AKG 414EB with Brass Capsule(from the 70's)
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