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  1. Not unless common sense kicks in.. Look up the history of Tullips/Holland : )
  2. I should have phrased it "...an $800 set of Brazilian..and its corresponding edge in sound..is not worth it.." How bout now, is that better? : )
  3. I sat through it and liked seeing it thanks ,but Im sick of that song, and this one was piled up high with too much butter creme. Over blown.. And for a guitar solo most rock guys wankered on..they get this freakin guy,whoever he was, to deliver that. Honoring Led Zeppelin should a had Eric Johnson in to do it.
  4. Doves in Flight used $3800...add a $800 set of Brazilian Rosewood...$14,000. Beautifull,maybe the only one ever made too, but not worth it. Good taste to order that by the way.
  5. Gibson Electric Nickel Plated steel 740 XL 9-36 were my strings since 1975..untill about 8 years ago Mr.Henry J decided to stop making his own strings and has since given the job to D'Addarrio. The Gibson made Ele Strings were the best for me..I still have some left.
  6. But the saddles come set up compensated for intonation from Colosi..no need to pay to have that re done. Just make sure you ask him when you order cause if the saddle is narrow, little compensating can be done. If your gonna have a tech do it go straight to him,it should be $60 and he has material on hand.
  7. That Bob Colosi pre shapes them ..and leaves you the final fit with basic easy instructions. Here is discription of materials..they are about $46 shipped for the priciest one I believe. http://www.guitarsaddles.com/products.asp The saddle is wearing out? Anyway the neck should be nearly straight before shaving the saddle to a height you like. Factory set ups are way too high..since then(new) the top has also risen a bit as most do due to string pull..and if haven't adjusted it since new, neck usually moves to excess relief making action even higher. I usually stand the tip
  8. A few packs of strings shipped to USA is 30 Euro.. Something wrong with that. Standard postage is about 10-12 Euro.
  9. Low buzzy action & seems like a thick pick. I don't feel as bad about mine after hearing his guitars.
  10. Don't sell the J45TV.. Change the plan..sell the Martin HD28 and CSN and buy the J200. With that Authentic you've pretty much already bought the best guitar Martin makes... Two guitars out two great guitars in. Now look around the house..there must be somethings that can go on ebay. Thing that comes to mind is old silver coins or gold laying about. Dead stuff converted into something you like.
  11. I think your right.But If Elixir went out of business tomorrow I'd switch over to Ernie Ball 11-52 pretty smoothly.. But some of the other strings I tried in a lighter 11-50 are maybe's too. I really wanted to like some of those brands..especially Pyramids.Ill give it a shot with these Western Classic's i& Sunbeam n 11-50 On the Gibson L5CES I have Pure Nickle 10-48..I love playing that thing..
  12. Just put on the 12-52 Pyramid Acoustic Premium Bronze on my H&D Slope DS and I like the Elixirs better. Theses don't sound as good as the old Elixirs that came off and feel stiffer. Another $15 wasted. The main thing I'm I'm looking for is flexible feel. So far I've tried..always tuned up to pitch.. Pyramid Silver Plated 11-50 Pyramid Prem.Bronze 12-52 Ernie Ball Earthwound 11-52 Tomastic Infeld Spectrum 12-54 DR Rare 12-54 Newtone 11-50..12-54..12-52..12-53.. D'addarrio EJ (12's) And Im just ok with the D'Addarrio EXP Ph Br 12-53 But like the: Ernie Ball Super Slinky 11-5
  13. A little too close for comfort that singer. And after sitting through 14 min of Earl Slick I had to replenish my soul with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yxVSytMVlI
  14. Wow that was horrible..don't let the label British Invasion anywhere near that garbage(American Composer & singer..I didn't know Patty Duke was a singer,thought she was an actress.) This is original,charming,on eve of British Invasion.
  15. As our friend the Lebanese Mason said when we brought him over to look at our brick Patio which we thought needed pointing.. He waved his hand and said "Garbeeje"
  16. Theres one on ebay Middleton NY..I think its in a shoppe.
  17. I've only played Lowdens with Walnut..and its a good sound. Less bassy/dark than rosewood..more tone than Mah..just generalizing. Look for a Lowden dealer to hear em.They usually cary them. The one on Jackson Br is English Walnut ..and if anyone uses the American Walnut it is kind of not up to that standard.
  18. Ah..your looking for the best. Nice
  19. Ehh! 2 of the strings are missing guys. : ) Does this Collings guy actually have a history of personally sitting at a bench & building guitars.. Im curious?
  20. I so much more dig that Brazilian thing. The color of that back and that 19th Century Guilded age inlay does it for me. In maple I prefer so called "Fiddleback" figuring to Quilted. If I could have my way Id want fiddleback..quartersawn..English/European maple What Vine do you have? (SJ200/45/185) Take Care
  21. My wife seems to also think that all the inlay boggs down the tone. Im not quite sure about that but its very possible. As for a guitar to be used . If I bought a $30k guitar Id play it..that wouldnt stop me.(Being out of work , that isn't going to be anytime soon though) I like all that art for the most part..makes me enjoy holding the thing even more.But If it does not sound/play great its just not worth anything though.
  22. This one http://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-100th-Anniversary-Gibson-Custom-SJ-200-/170930200146?pt=Guitar&hash=item27cc3bde52 I love the fingerboard inlay. Reminds me of the Smithsonian Exhibition building and American 19th Century art/decoration. But though Brazilian gives a little edge in theory...it does not do miracles. An Indian Rosewood like this used would be half this price. I tried a nice custom shop Madagascar (Fb,B&S) J200 at Music Inn, it was such a dud.
  23. Craigs List.. Im gonna have to learn how to list on it. My wife had long ago told me...buy guitars, not rugs. For a long time I went crazy over Persian Carpets..read books & books on em. Now Id like to sell one and get a guitar
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