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  1. The biggest tragedy here Charlie, is you dropping a NOT joke about 17 years after it was cool, funny, or hip. Pack up your Hypercolor shirt and your Zubas and look for a new catch phrase. Maybe one about airline food or Bill Clinton.
  2. Ive shot under 100 2-3 times ever. 92 is my personal best, and I have been out more times that I care to admit. :unsure: I got a couple buddies that played in college that are pros that might shoot in the high 70s on their best day.
  3. On a side note, I read an article this morning about one of the great feats that the late KJ accomplished in his glorious life time. Apparently, KJ (who had never had a golf lesson in his life) decided to try his hand at some stick and took to a 7,700 yard, 18 hole pro level course in Pyongyang. Mind you KJ had never played golf before, but that did not stop him from 4 hole-in-ones and an overall score of 38 for the round. Just to put it into perspective for you non golfers, Tiger Woods once shot a 62 on a comparable course to win the Masters. So not only is KJ better on his first round th
  4. About 10 years ago, Northwest put me on a 2 engine prop plane from the Twin Cities to Detroit. We had engine trouble and that sealed the deal for me. When it comes to passenger planes, I am not a Luddite!
  5. If you can get it for $200 its worth the risk. My first tube head was a Crate, and I had a few problems with it.
  6. Writing is hard, man. My combo back home did several original tunes, but I have not written anything since I moved out to CT. Just keep a notebook and pen around at all times. My old man is an incredible song writer, but I guess it skips a generation.
  7. My folks figured out something was up when I casually brought up my list for Santa during winter break, sophomore year at Uni.
  8. Will be less interested in this title game than previous years. These teams play all the time, including earlier this season. Half the fun of the bowls is to see how your team matches up against other conferences. I'll be pulling for the Huskers in the Capital One Bowl against SC.
  9. Any kid that would watch FOX News Chicago already knows there is no Santa.
  10. Finally got my hands on some baked Maple yesterday. Definitely a different feel. I own a maple neck Gibby LP and a hand full of Fenders, so I'm used to having some Maple in my left mitt, but the new BM boards have a unique feel to them. Others have compared the feeling to Ebony, but I don't agree with that. Ebony definitely has a more polished and slick feel. The maple feels more raw and snappy. I have always been weary of Rosewood, just because it can be generic and lack character. Meanwhile some better examples will really melt into the instrument and let you dig in to the note. I ca
  11. People treat this like the Gibson team pulled weight relief/ chambering out of the sky. Like one day they were sitting around and decided, "Lets chamber LPs because.....I don’t know, %*#@ you, because I feel like it." Since the inception of this instrument, players have complained that they are too heavy. I have never played an original sunburst, but I have gigged with a maple neck Norlin Goldtop, and a super solid 77 Custom. They were HEAVY. I could play the Goldtop for a set before I started to feel it, but the custom felt like I had a cement block around my neck after 3 songs. I had a
  12. Congrats on being the first person to bring up this topic . Guess what, LP Standards are chambered now, so if they are to light for you, get something else, dammit! Standards ARE chambered, and that is how they are, so quit crying about it. Sounds like you're happy with your Epis, so why are you posting this here? Do you just feel like b*tching about gear you wouldn't buy anyway? It's a free country, bro. Gibby makes solid LPs, weight relieved LPs, and chambered LPs. If you don't like the chambered ones, don't buy one. Every guitar is not made for you. We are always glad to have new
  13. I'm just up the street in Middletown. Probably want to remove your address, though.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6ahuYQwzpQ
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