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  1. You look better in the suit than in your porn star pose.

  2. Enjoying a beautiful New England afternoon

  3. I cant take that stuff. Ill be numb for 4 hours after I get up. -I Switched to half decaf coffee, and only 2 cups a day. Some people don't realize how much caffeine is in a premium cup of coffee. Energy drinks are packed with caffeine and sugar which makes them even worse. -I try to get up at the same time every day. If you put your body in a routine, it will try to get sleep if it knows that it has to get up soon. -Walking at night helps, too. The weather has been nicer, and the exercise helps. It gives your mind a chance to think, too. That way its not racing when I lay down.
  4. Its a 2007 Standard Blonde Beauty (GC exclusive). Maple neck, AAA maple cap, natural finish. Gibson put maple necks on their guitars in 70s and 80s. Gibson still offers LPs with maple necks, Raw Power, LP Piezo, and others. I have always preferred maple necks. You don't have to adjust them as often, and they are stronger than Mahogany.
  5. Mine looks a lot like yours with a maple neck and a little binding. I love natural colors on Les Pauls. Especially with a cap like that! Yours looks sharp.
  6. Here is an updated pick (crappy iPhone III ): 2007 Blonde Beauty Standard with maple neck. Grover locking tuners 18:1 Seymour Duncan Alnico II pro neck Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Bridge 500K Gibson audio taper pots all around PIO .22 caps Shielded cavities
  7. Hi!

    my e mail is sear1200@googlemail.com

    Cheers, what is your real name? I am Matt

  8. Dig the avatar. JLH's Mr. Lucky record is under-rated and has one of my fav Hooker tracks on it, I cover the waterfront.

  9. I like the 3 piece necks from the 70s.
  10. My vote for best looking DC in the club. Although my dream DC would be a TV yellow Special with P90s and master volume and tone.
  11. Looks like the little one has some promise on the six string.
  12. If spider man played guitar, he would rock one of these.
  13. dcooper830, Love the orange one (far right). What burst is that??!!
  14. I am actually in my own "custom Standard" club, but all the heavy drinkers are in this club, so I guess I will throw my hat in.....
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