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  1. Sometimes I just look at mine too. I start thinking man, those are some nice freakin' guitars. Then I remember they're mine. That's even better
  2. Picked one up, put it back, nice guitar and all but wanted to try another Repeat Third time was the charm 2016 Trad Desertburst Cue up Oct of 2019 Had to order a 50s Style with P 90s, without a tryout which means Goldtop. Awesome guitar. Glad I took the chance
  3. I put EB Super Slinky, 9-42 on all my guitars. That's SG, 2 LP, Strat, Tele and 339. They don't break and they keep tone and tune really well too. Like someone else said you're going to get all kinds of different answers
  4. Keep what you have. Yeah the new one would be nice but I wouldn't give up two great Les Pauls like that for one. Finances aside, having a backup is always a plus
  5. Beautiful guitars. And you got yours the same day I got mine. I opted for the P90 Goldtop though. What pickups are in yours ?
  6. The story I got was that the original run of them sold out so they had to make some more. Had I ordered a few weeks before it would have probably been just a few days. My local store isn't a high volume seller. They had a Tribute model with P90 but not a LP. Yeah, the Tribute is quite a bit cheaper but I really wanted this one
  7. I really like this one. It's my first P90 guitar. I'd played some, but never owned one. What is really surprising me is that as good as it sounds unleashed it's spent more time on my clean channels with volume and tone rolled back a bit. It just has a really full, warm sound to it that none of my other guitars do
  8. Yes, it really is. And sounds just as nice as it looks. And surprisingly enough to me I've spent as much time on the clean side of things with the volume rolled back a bit as I have wide open. That's not my normal thing
  9. It's just your everyday 50s Std. The story I got was that Gibson sold out what they had and made another run of them. Had I ordered it a few weeks before I would have gotten it in a couple of days. The shop I use isn't a real high volume dealer so they may be low on the totem pole for small orders
  10. I have a 339. I like the 335 but they are kind of larger than I like. That doesn't mean I'd rule one one out completely though
  11. Yes it was. But I have to admit I was getting antsy about it
  12. I am. It wasn't meant to be a Christmas present to myself but it was. The amp tech at the store suggested I mail myself a nice thank you note
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