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  1. Yep. It’s the new 327e Grand Pacific - mahogany over Tasmanian Blackwood. The GP slope-dread body combined with a hog top really takes the edge off Taylor’s typical brightness. This one has a warm, round, fundamental tone. I’m thinking I finally found a Taylor I can hold on to.
  2. I sold my D-28 and D-18 to finance my D-41. Best guitar related decision I ever made...
  3. The “flubber” pickguard on my 2016 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio was curling on the edges...as they are wont to do. Tried tacking it down with pieces of the 3m adhesive sheets used to install guards, but it kept lifting. So it has to go. Had Taylor Mullins - Holter Pickguards - make me a custom replacement. Major improvement...IMHO. old PG... New PG... The family...
  4. Well said, Sal. I’m not a big fan of either company’s downstream guitars. But I am a fan of the companies...and of any effort to encourage more folks to make more music. For Gibson to accomplish that while sticking with Bozeman-made, solid wood guitars is impressive.
  5. The pickguard on my 2016 Songwriter Deluxe Studio is lifting. I emailed Gibson CS and the next day got a reply apologizing for the problem and promising to send me a new one. Hoping to have it sometime this week...
  6. I’ve really liked Santa Cruz Mid Tension strings on my J-45 and J-15. Play like lights but get the top moving like mediums...and last a couple months for me.
  7. Give Santa Cruz Mid Tension strings a try. By far my favorite strings on my J-45 and J-15. They get the top moving like mediums but have the playability of lights.
  8. I haven’t had a repair issue yet, but I have emailed Gibson CS with some questions over the years. Each time the response was quick, knowledgable and friendly. Just one more reason I’m a Gibson fan...
  9. Been carrying this around for years...
  10. It’s a “limited edition” walnut burst...with the “burst” covering the back and sides as well as the maple neck.
  11. Got this little beauty in a week ago and it’s been a joy to get the Gibson sound back into my tiny herd. Walnut is a sweet tone wood...at times seeming to have the clarity and warmth of hog, but other times producing the brighter lushness of rosewood. But whatever tone you tease out of this guitar it’s always rich. As a used guitar it has its share of little, superficial scratches that you would expect on a guitar that’s been well played. The plus side is that it feels and sounds like a guitar that has already been played in. None of that new guitar tightness. Setup seems fine, too...and
  12. J-15s are great guitars. Congrats! Never seen a natural with a dark neck.
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