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  1. I checked out some more of your YouTube videos. I love the Art & Lutherie open chord noodling video. What tuning was that? It was great.

    In my last band we had a song in sort of an open d tuning. I don't know what it was called but if you strummed the strings open it would be a d minor. I also just recently tried open g and that's pretty cool too.

  2. Haha yeah. I'd record some stuff but I don't have any equipment or a computer. Also my last band broke up. I could play all the parts myself but I also don't have a drumkit or a bass. I'm in a pickle lol.

    Actually I have some crappy recordings of improvised jams on my iPod from my first band. I don't think I can post them though.

  3. Thanks man. Your guitars are awersome. I love the Wilshire.

    But I watched that video (the one that says 1975) and I dug it. It was very tight. It was 70s prog rock sweetness. You rock man!

    I was really surprised. Most people on the forum seem to have all the toys but don't know how to play.

    Not trying to kiss your ***. I just thought that was a cool jam.

  4. Hey man I was checking out your signature line and it seems like you have some sweet guitars.

    Do you have pics of them? Particularly the old Epis :D

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