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  1. be worth it..

    Thing cut me off

  2. Bro. Have you tried a Zvex Woolly Mammoth?

    I just built a clone and it's inanely awesome. It's got a ripping quality to the sound unlike anything else I've heard.

    Just goes to show that a lot of the transistor talk is bs hype. The transistors cost me like 15 cents each and it sounds amazing! If I had to pay $300+ for an original it'd actually probably ...

  3. I think we're only making about 25 and it's supposed to be an ILF thing but I'll ask if you can get one if you want. Its gonna be awesome. That's for sure.

    The originals are buffered. I haven't asked but I'm assuming they're gonna clone the buffer circuit too. It's apparently a good buffer.

    Lee's live guitar tone sounded amazing in the mix. Maybe th...

  4. Dude! I told you you should have joined ILF!

    I remember you saying you were interested in the Klon.. Were doing an awesome ILF Klon project. Brian of smallsound/bigsound is doing the circuit boards and designing a lofi mode, McSpunckle (creator of the Gnomeratron VTF is assembling, and I'm screenprinting the enclosures.

    It's gonna be epic!

  5. Dude that sucks. Did you finish that Meatball clone?

  6. I have a spare one of dem too actually but that would make a GZ. I'm actually building this pedal for Jeff-7 and it's gonna be his first fuzz so I thought the VFM would be a much better choice than the GZ haha

    I can't wait to try the VFM since you said it's your favorite. I have to wait for that 2N2907A to come in.

  7. It worked the first time last night. I need another 2N2907A for the VFM mod still though. I haven't had time to really test it yet but it seems to sound right with the 10k resistor. Does yours have a 1k?

  8. Hmm well I used a 10k so I'm gonna finish wiring this thing and hopefully see how it sounds. Hopefully it works first time I hate troubleshooting.

    I'm wiring Q4 on a switch so I can switch between SM and VFM too. Should be pretty sick.

  9. I was thinking it was a 10k because of this layout http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_y7gcfRKQFgA/TPrm6PRbJkI/AAAAAAAAAS8/KdZUwIThYLY/s1600/Effector%2B13%2BSoda%2BMeiser-728130.png

    there are 3 10k resistors on the board for devi's kit and I was thinking the 4th 10k on this layout must be the other one that's normally offboard

  10. Thanks dude! Is that resistor on lug 1 of the intensity control a 10k? It's kinda hard to tell if the 3rd stripe is orange or red.

  11. Yo homie. Did you use Devi's PCBs on your Shoegazer build?

    I'm a little confused on how to wire the pots on an SM build (with Devi PCB).

    Would In1 be wired to lug 1 of the "intensity" pot, In3 wired to lug 3, and lug 2 of the pot used as "input"?

  12. I think I finally figured out how to clear out my inbox haha

    should be able to PM me now

  13. It's not mine the builder sent one around for people to try out fo free. It sounds really awesome don't get me wrong. I just prefer the sound and controls of my **** od. But yeah I took the elements to band practice and it ****in rips. Sounds amazing boosting my cranked ac30 and can get br00tal like nothing else

  14. Yo dem00n I've got the elements in da house. I took it to band practice and it kicks ***. I'm still getting familiar with it so it's not really fair to say, but at this point I think my smallsound/bigsound f uck overdrive sounds better.

  15. continued.. If you want one send me an email Nate said he gave you my email address.

  16. Since you're teh gipsum forum homie I guess just the cost of parts + shipping. It would be somewhere between $30 to $45. I'm only getting the turret board for one point to point SM but I could build one on vero. Devi has built them on cereal box cardboard so it's not exactly a crime for it to not be on turret haha.

  17. Yo gangsta I saw over at ILF you're making a Lovetone Meatball clone. Dayummmm. Are you using a pcb or vero layout or something? Where'd you find it I want to make one too. Those things are insane

  18. I found a vero layout for the Mayo and I want to build it but in order to make it sound right you have to get relatively uncommon/expensive transistors that are at a high gain rating that's like impossible to find.

    Definately check out the Pig Mine too! Also if you get one, you HAVE to get the mids switch.

    No problem man I love talkin about pedals haha

  19. Do you mean which do I have or which should you check out?

    I have the Supa Tone.

    The Mayo, Pink Flesh, Pig Mine, and Zero seem to get the most love. I'm not sure if those are made anymore though. I think the Pig Mine and Supa Tone are so check those out. Some of the discontinued ones go for insane prices used.

  20. Ah man.. I love Big Muffs. I've had a bunch of them. The all around best I've ever used is my Skreddy. It makes my EHX Muff sound really lame in comparison. You should definately check out Skreddy if you're looking for a Muff. They're the best. I've also heard a lot of good things about Stomp Under Foot and they're a bit cheaper than Skreddy. The Skreddys are worth it th...

  21. Yeah there are so many different pedals it can be confusing.

    Fuzz and delay are definately the two best types though.

    What kinda fuzzes are you looking at?

    AC30s sound AWESOME with fuzz btw. It's pretty much always a good combo.

  22. Then I think you'd love the El Cap. The repeats tend to sit back in the mix and melt together in a really spacey, atmospheric way. It's great for rhythmic kinda delay usage too but analog delays kinda own that territory IMO.

    You might wanna check out the Skreddy Echo as well.

    I'll check out the coloration action ASAP. I don't have the Vox right now

  23. Ah man. I wish I had the scratch for one of those. I love mine but those must sound awesome.

    So are you looking for more of a spacey delay or more of a rhythmic delay?

  24. It cut me off. I was gonna say I'll sell them cheap (like hopefully under $100 depending on the cost of the BBD chips).

    Just throwin that out there cause good delay pedals are hella expensive.

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