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Converted the JB into an LG


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Went to Bee-3 Vintage's Fall Philly Guitar Show yesterday. Since these events can be a bit overwhelming, I focused mainly on playing as many 1940's/1950's LG-2's as I could get my hands on. After playing a 1959 model a few months back, I was taken by how these little guitars could offer the dry, woody sound of a 1930's L-00, blended with the versatility, and comfy-to-me neck profile of a vintage jumbo slope-shouldered Gibson. 'Narrowed the field down to a handful of LG's. Then the field narrowed down to just two: Jim's Guitars (York, PA) had a 1947 that was in better condition, and played and sounded excellently. But the vultures were circling around Gary Burnett's 1949 LG-2 for good reason; Although it had been much played over it's 64 years, it had an excellent set up that really rewarded digging in for it's very opened-up, barky tone. The decision would've been much harder, but Gary was willing to work with me on a trade for the Jackson Browne model 1 I had brought to the show.


I guess what brought all this on was how the ear can change what sound it wants to hear over time. Add to that the realization that I'm simply more comfortable playing the old stuff. The Jackson Browne is a gorgeous guitar with a grand sound (perhaps a bit too grande for my tastes). Think of the Jackson Browne model 1 signature guitar as an EconoSmeck if you wish, but what it imparted to me was how a 1930's Roy Smeck jumbo is more than just a collection of build specifications, just as nut width is only one measure of how a guitar feels to it's player.


Gonna try to post some sound comparo's a little further on up the road.




Pickguard sunken into grain of top:



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