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I'm having my local luthier stick a bone nut on my SG Original. I've gotten use to the tuning nuances of the corian, but figured all these gigs newly lined up, it might be time to pull the trigger. How are your experiences with bone nuts? My SG has always had some tuning issues on the G string when playing nearer to the nut (open C chords and such), so I had to compensate by tuning the G string somewhere between flat and sharp (only slightly though). I hope this new nut with new slots might alleviate the problem. Also, I would like to hope that this will allow more extensive usage of my vibrola.

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I've been changing the Corian nuts, to Bone, on every Gibson I buy.

My dealer knows, to do that, the minute the sale it final. I don't

think you'll regret doing that, at all! [thumbup][biggrin]


The guitar just seems more "alive" with a bone nut, and tuning issues

(for me) have basically vanished...aside from the normal instances, with

new strings, until they get stretched. And, if I "dive bomb" more than

I should, with the Maestro.





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I've tried a lot of different materials (corian, synthetic ivory, graphite, etc) and I always came back to bone so that is what I use now. I used to have a lot of tuning problems with my SG and after get a properly cut nut made of bone, it's been exponentially better. I still like to lube the slots with a little Big Bends. If you're a Bigsby or vibrola abuser, it helps.


The G string being out of tune sounds more like an intonation issue than a nut issue. When was the last time you had it tuned up with a good strobe tuner?

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