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My question also! I have not seen him on any ballot....HA!

I don't remember seeing any of the mendacious clown brigade from Fox on any ballots, either. So, what's your point? Of course, you don't have a point. You're just another guy that history, and the world, is leaving behind. A poor sap with a form of pseudo-hyper-patriotic Tourettes' syndrome. You vomit up treacly phrases about 'Murica and blurt out sophomoric axx jokes about people you disagree with on a guitar forum and you've done your part for gxd and country. Are you drunk when you're sharing this with the world? Man, I hope so….at least you'd have a semblance of an excuse.

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I am sorry to have made you feel this way. It was not my intention. This has all been my nefarious way of gathering research for my Thesis on Social Engineering.

Again, sorry to cause you the angst.

I would be happy to send you a copy when completed. After all, you are a central figure in my research....


Regards, Rod

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