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my "new" 2011


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Hey There,


I was just in guitar center and they had a p-90 Les Paul Special on closeout. I like P-90 guitars, so it caught my eye. It was pretty cheap with the closeout price, I liked the way it looked and played, so I bought it. I get it home and notice on the headstock, it's a 2011, lol. I managed to be a 3+ year old new guitar....


Any Idea how this could have happened? Salesguy said they just got it in a month ago... I'm pretty sure it's new, still had the plastic and sticker on the pickgaurd.


I like the guitar so it's not a problem, just curious what, exactly, I have here. Were the using Obeche or Baked Maple on the Les Paul Special's on 2011? It's a very light fretboard, fwiw, but the hang tag says rosewood. Wish it were darker, but what can you do. There are some minor finish blemishes, but it plays real nice. The fretboard is bound. It does not say 'Special' on the headstock. It's Crimson Red transparent, almost like the traditional SG color.


Any info would be appreciated!



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Nice guitar... Those were the Les Paul Junior Specials... They made humbucker versions too and came in a gloss and satin finish...


REALLY great deal when you consider they have neck binding...


Heres the Gibson page for them





If its new and made in 2011 then it was probably just in a stock warehouse somewhere... NOS (new old stock).

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Thanks Guys,


Yeah, that's probably it, however mine has a cutout/bevel in the back (did the JRs have those?) and it does not say special on the headstock like those do. Otherwise, pretty much identical from what I can tell, maybe just a minor year to year variation. In either case, I'm stoked with my NOS guitar :). I wanted one of these when they were out but didn't get around to it, so this was a cool surprise to find one from the past, as new.

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According to the serial number, it's an early ( JAN ) 2011, so probably rosewood then. It's a really light board!



Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

January 28th, 2011

Production Number: 129


Played it a lot last night, I really do like the thing for a cheap Gibson, it's pretty nice. I had and returned another cheaper Gibson before, for having a 'hump' in the neck. This one has some imperfections as well, but they are on the mild cosmetic side and not functional, so I think this one's a keeper.

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