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Can you ID this pickup?


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My son was given this guitar today by an elderly friend belonging to her late husband. It's clearly homemade and of crude/primitive construction. I'm curious about the pickups...which work and seem to be of the transducer variety.


The top of the pup is a piece of thin plastic. The bottom is simply a solid piece of wood. In between is a thin white plate (bound by black) with a wire that goes to the pots. No coils. The two screws simply go through the pup and into the block of wood attached to the body.






I know it's not much info...and I can take apart further if none of you folk can identify it by what I've shown.




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Sorry cant help with the pickups,looks like an interesting ole 60's hollowbody.Is it playable,how does it sound and hey free and playable is a good thing.

the thing is so hideous looking that I think my son's reluctant to waste 4 bucks on a new set of strings. it will probably end up with the other non-functioning guitar (old Kay from the 70's) that decorates a high shelf in the sunroom.
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