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Why did I pass on one of these when they came out????


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Thanks, it's been on here, before.

I drooled over that photo of CB's JLH for a long time until finally purchasing a mint sunburst example a few years ago.


Mine is a 2000 (first year) with the Frequensator tailpiece. These earliest ones had a label with Hooker's photo and signature, "The Boogie Man" on the pickguard, "John Lee Hooker" on the truss rod cover, and a different serial number sequence.


The Assembled in USA (AIUSA) instruments are truly stellar, with the body being made by Terada in Japan (nitro finish) and shipped to Gibson in Nashville for hardware and final assembly. Anyone having the opportunity to handle one should absolutely check it out first hand. The series only included the AIUSA Sheraton and Casino (two versions of each).

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While it may not be much of a consolation, the Union Jack model Sheraton will be out very soon, and has the basic ingredients of the Sheraton posted in the picture by the OP.


I know that it may to some look tacky compared to the blonde version posted originally, but I am looking forward to it as it may the only one available for awhile. I also love the British and their flag, so with me, it's fine.

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