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Without the blues


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Guest salemaker
Still doesn't answer the age old question



"Can Blue men sing the whites?"




Hey, Isn't that the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band??? Yup...


"Oh Lord wish my bed wasn't silken sheets so tight

I got to keep my strength up got to do a show tonight

I'll have a cup of coffee while I'm taking in the news

No need to have a shave cause I'm gonna sing the blues


Well I think I'll get a massage maybe lose a little fat

So I'll have to go downtown in my brand new Cadillac

My valet comes and dresses me, I light a big cigar,

Because I like to look like Nimrod when I'm riding in my car.


Can blue men sing the whites

Or are they hypocrites for singing woo woo wooh.


And now it's getting near the time I gotta make the scene

I change out my dark grey mohair suit put on my dirty jeans

The band comes round to pick me up I holler Hello Boys

I gotta mess my hair up, I'm gonna make some noise brrrrrrr"

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