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NGD: Need Advice On My New Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro


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I fought the desire to get this Red Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro but the temptation was too much. Once I saw the light playing on the grain of the guitar top I lost control. It didn't help that the guitar shop was offering Epiphones at 0% financing for 6 months.


I swear, standing in the guitar shop I felt like Frankie Machine in The Man With The Golden Arm...














I Need Some Advice


Now I am totally clueless about these split coil humbuckers and so I may be wrong: when the p.up selector switch is in the middle position the volume controls for the neck and bridge pickups are not independent. If I turn one volume control to zero both pickups go silent. They should have separate volume control in mid position, correct? I think there's a short. Am I right, or am I just an LP newb?

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Congrats on your beautiful Epi LP. [wub] HNGD to you, Joe! [thumbup]


Everything is OK with your Epiphone Les Paul. That's the way it is with this sort of circuitry. Wiring for independent function would eat up more treble and load down the pickups significantly when turning down volume controls. This is the only way of wiring instruments without a pickup selector switch, common in lots of basses.


Have fun, mate! B)

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Thanks for setting me straight on that, Capmaster. It's good to know that this beauty doesn't have to go anywhere.


So this is my number 2 Epiphone, the first one being a Dot.


Now I'm waiting for the special order of an Electar 75th Anniversary Amp to arrive. For whatever reason none of the Long & McQuade stores in my hometown stocked, or had even ordered the amp.

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Just got the honey burst but now i,ve seen yours.......DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

Welcome here, Hibby. If she's a nice player and sounds well, what's wrong with honey burst?


Admittedly, I LOVE this finish. Therefore you are sincerely requested to post pics. Looking forward to them. [love]

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