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How could i repair this scratch?

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Hi there, unfortunately (or fortunately if the price i've paid was low) my SG Bass has this scratch on the back.

Do it's better i try to repair, or i try to cover it with decal or sticker, or leave it as is?


other pictures are here :




and here



post-68567-009203600 1415810825_thumb.jpg

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Well... that's not a scratch,


that's more like a serious flesh wound!!! [rolleyes]



really, thats a nice "gouge" you got there. (looks like Belt Buckle Rash)


the wood would have to be refilled to level the surface area, and re-stained to match the original finish, then, resealed with nitro and buffed out with a series of passes with a variety of wet sanding and buffing.


if it was me,, I'd be seeking the help of a professional. unless you've done this stuff before and have the knack of what to do down. but since you're asking, I guess you don't..


if there is no one you can find,, I guess you'd want to leave it be? Only my opinion, but if you don't know how to do this, you'll most likely cause more damage than what you have now.


if you cover it with a sticker, the adhesive of the sticker is going to damage any of the "good" finish that's under it.

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As suggested before, never put a sticker on it. [-X


Nitro finishes can be repaired by a skilled professional without leaving a scar so to say, but it may take some time. Depending on the required wood filling, I guess you would have to do without your bass circa two or three weeks, and it would cost between 60 and 100 EUR here for having done it perfectly including treatment of the belt buckle rash around it (this refers to Thomann price range). I believe material costs and bench charge should be about the same in Italy.

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