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Found an old guitar of mine online!


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Wow! This is kinda cool...


I was responding to a topic about Gibson strap pins earlier today telling about an Ibanez Super Artist AR350 I used to own (Bought back in the '80s). I got online & found a pic of the same model & color of guitar I had so I could show a pic of the cool "V" shape strap pins they used to hold that strap in place. After I had copied the pic & posted the response, I started looking at the guitar listed online more closely. They had a pic of the back of the guitar headstock showing the serial number....That is my old guitar!! Same serial number! The website stated they made only 83 of those guitars, so it was a limited run of manufacture. I sold that guitar a few years ago at a guitar show in Charlotte, NC to a dealer at the show. "Shelton Guitars" somehow got it & posted if for sale on their web site. It has been sold according to their site. That is just too cool! See below, my pic of the back of the headstock & theirs. Kinda neat to see it again, now going to another home. (Great guitar, just super heavy!)


You can check it out here... Shelton Guitars Ibanez Super Artist


Pics of mine...








Pics from their website...






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