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What happened to "normal" LP Custom?


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Hello Robert!


I could find it on the product pages, filtering on "Les Paul": http://www2.gibson.c...aul-Custom.aspx


It's not written there that it's "out of production".


Cheers... Bence

Hi Bence,


Thank you. You have to select 2013 or all years to see the picture. If you filter on year 2015, you will not see it. You could get the impression that they only offer the 2013 model. Perhaps the normal Custom is considered to stand outside the year model system.





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I'm surprised that the normal Black Beauty isn't shown on the Gibson web page, it should be a strong part of the brand, not only as re-issue...

The ebony Custom in Bence's post ISN'T a Re-Issue, Robert.

Yes; it's made in the CS but it's just a regular recent-spec'd modern-day ebony Custom.

This means that it has a maple top-cap; a Richlite 'board; a Nashville bridge; regular LPC p'ups etc...etc...


The BBR-I's, OTOH, have a solid mahogany body/carved top; ebony 'board; ABR-1; Historic-style p'ups - so either with the Alnico 'Staple neck p'up / P90 bridge in the R4 and either '57's or BB's (or something very similar) in the BBR9 & BBR0.

The '68 R-I has a maple cap but, otherwise, is similar to the BBR0.





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Amen to that!


You got a few Customs already, time for another one?




While that thing looks so darn sweet, I would have to play it first. I really don't want guitars that sound the same, and the 4 LP's I currently have are different since they have different pick ups.


Currently, I'm trying to resist G.A.S. in regards to a triple pick up SG Custom... :)

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