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Advice? -- 1991 SJ-45 needs work, bigtime


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All, just reporting back with good news -- after hunting around for quite a while, i spoke with a luthier on 14th street who was recommended by Gibson.


he listened to what i had to say and volunteered that there was a good chance the guitar required neither a re-set nor a re-bracing -- he said he believed the guitar just needed to be rehumidified for a fraction of the cost.


long story short, i visited him, and he verified: no need for neck re-set or any other intensive work. he said he merely has to re-humidify the guitar and run a set-up. he is additionally going to create a new saddle to correct some intonation problems that resulted from it not fitting correctly. so in the end i am getting out of this for almost $1000 less than the initial guitar tech told me!


anyway, just wanted to say thanks again for your advice and let you know the guitar is in the hands of a very good luthier and should be all set within a few weeks!



Glad this worked out for you. Just to let you know I had the bumper jack ready.. ;).

Very impressive that nothing cracked IMO!

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Just to be clear - this model is known as a Southern Jumbo, or an SJ for short. There is no such thing as an SJ-45. A J-45 is a completely different model from an SJ. Thanks for listening.



I own a SJ-45 - and its not a Deluxe. it says so on the label. So there is such a thing. [thumbup]

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