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AC/DC Let There Be Rock... Its still got it


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This evening I watched the whole gig of Let There Be Rock, you know the Paris one.....


The thing is I watched it with a friend who had never seen it before and didn't even really like AC/DC.. He said before hand that his knowledge of them started and finished with Heatseeker...


And man, I hadn't seen it since I last watched it on VHS, but I recently got the DVD (£5 of amazon, so worth every penny).... And it does not disappoint... Must be one of my favourite live recordings ever..


The really fun part was my friends reaction to Angus... I kept hearing "what iiiiss he doing, hes crazy" and indeed as we know, Angus just doesn't stop moving from start to finish, quite something... And on the song Rocker, man hes just crazy what he gets up to all while playing a solo... I cant think of a single other guitarist who gives it quite that much welly for a WHOLE gig...


And of course its on youtube.. If you've never seen this its worth a watch, as is the whole gig.. Just great all out rock [thumbup]


this is also another great version.. The bit where he runs off into the crowd is so funny



Of course, my friend is now an AC/DC fan.. He just had to be shown the light.. Job done :)

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you could be forgiven for assuming Angus must writh around on his back and jump off amps in the studio during recording of albums... otherwise how can he be so note perfect (vibrato and all) whilst doing it live night after night?

Haha, indeed... So does he also practice playing a solo while wading through the a crowd, that would get expensive ;) ( I like the way he still finds the time to give a few high fives)


Just headbanging like that would probably be enough to put me off my playing let alone the other stuff he does and he does it constantly :)

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I have it on DVD. Some of it is unnecessary. Like when the bass player is doing donuts in the corvette. I just want to see the band play.


Love the Let There Be Rock concert, but wasn't it Phil Rudd (the drummer) doing donuts? I agree it would have been better to see the live performance, however, at least it wasn't as bad as Led Zeppelin's 'The Song Remains the Same' concert video/ DVD. That one I never liked much for a number of reasons; firstly the awful editing meaning the audio was out of sync with picture; and secondly the weird and pointless sequences involving each member of the band (Jones and Plant's were the worst, but Bonham and Page equally terrible). Thankfully they released 'DVD' years later with the fantastic Royal Albert Hall footage, which remains the best filmed concert of Zep.

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