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Gibson Les Paul '50s Tribute deal


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Holy smokes! That's a fantastic deal! I see they have some other excellent deals too like an LP Deluxe 2015 for £789 and a LP Peace 2014 for just under £1000! That's the cheapest I've ever seen a Deluxe.


Enjoy your 50's tribute, looks like an excellent guitar [thumbup]

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That's not a good sign.

I picked up on this one a little late sadly. They had already sold them all but sales guys assure me more are being bought from their supplier as they had strong demand (unsurprisingly). Eta mid January. They offered to refund me and keep my order open so I believe em. :)

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Mine arrived a day earlier than expected. Very pleased with it - once i've sorted sharp fret ends and replaced minetune with some grovers, it'll be a gigger (not hating on minetune, but have it on my 2015 and that's enough for me).


Ooh pics please!


Ditto re: removing the Minetune. I reckon I'll just go for the vintage style Klusons (cheaper) on mine. Jaggies is unacceptable on an £800 guitar. A £400 one though .. hehe.


Watch out for the (possibly) epoxied in Corian nut. You won't get it out with a drive/hammer. Will need to be rather painstakingly cut out.


Does it sound anything like this? If so I am going to get excited.




Anyone want to buy a brand new Minetune in advance? [thumbdn]

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