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Okay, so I'm a certified addict.

I went to the guitar store to get a drum key to make some percussion adjustments.


And came home with this Jay Turser JT200 Pro with the flame maple top.

Sustains for days, and came with perfect set-up, action, intonation, everything.

$189 American, out the door.


Somebody stop me before I buy again!!




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A good mate of mine had a JT for several years. It was a Les Paul clone but with a neat purple burst and 'rambling rose' design going up the length of the fingerboard. He reckoned it didn't stay in tune well enough to use in anger, and I never played it through an amp so no idea how it sounded, but it was very comfortable to sit and play acoustically - a pleasant neck and action.


... funny thing was, he bought it on ebay and actually thought it was a pretty looking miniature LP replica - like something you could put on a little stand on a bookcase - he was quite shocked when a full sized playable 'Les Paul' was delivered from China! [blink]

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