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You are absolutely right, they are set extremely high from the factory. I set my spirit at the 15 fret to 4/64 across all strings and had no buzz issues, Dont forget to lock the bridge and unlock the allen on the side of the bridge. I also put a new head piece that accepts regular strings and double ball style, a little bit pricey at $80 but worth it, now I use ernie ball .010 thru .046. I have one other problem yet to cure and that is the extremely low output of the neck and center pickups as opposed to the bridge humbucker, no adjustment will help and I dont like having to spend $175 on a couple of hot rail pickups to replace them with, especially since this is a brand new guitar. Very poor thought on the manufactures part. I have ordered a boost pedal to fix that for now though. Good Luck!

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I have a Hohner G3T and have 0.010-0.46 set as low as it will go without buzzing; I don't have measurements as I did not set it up to any. I just adjusted the saddles to low-no-buzz then locked them. The thing plays great.


I need to get the head conversion piece so I can use regular strings; I'd like to drop to 008-038.

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does someone use low string action here?


HI!! I just joined the Steinberger section (I was already member in the Gibson forum) as I have purchased a Steinberger Guitars GT-Pro Deluxe BK (from Thomann if you are in the EU). Mainly to have it as traveling guitar..


When I got the GT-Pro the action was very high. I did a check and few frets were a bit high and needed to be hammered down (with a proper fret hammer). After checking with a "fret rocker" there were some spots of high frets but very little. I could have let it be, then I just did a light fret leveling and crowning as many new guitars needs anyway. After that treatment the fretboard is now perfect. I do luthier works part time as second activity......

My setup is as follows:

- Neck relief: .010"(.2mm)

Action at 15/17th fret to all string is around 4/64"(1,58mm) this seems the lowest one can go as one reaches almost the end of travel of the bridge saddles.

In my other guitars (Ibanez JEM/RGs) my action is typical, with a .2-.3mm of neck relief, 1.6mm string height on the low E, and 1.5mm on the high E at the last fret (24th).

Pickup height:


Neck & Bridge pickups: both set at Low-E 2.5mm and high-e 2,0mm for the moment.

Mid single coil pickup lowered all the way down as I never use them also in my Ibanez or Strats. I may even remove it later on, mid pickups only disturb the sustain with added unwanted magnetic field.


Nice to hear others setups...

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