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Best piezo pickup for a Les Paul?


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Member "Capmaster" is the man to be asked... He knows piezos well.


Good luck... Bence

Fact is that I own and play seven solid-bodies with piezo bridges, five stock as far as the piezos are concerned, and two with piezo systems added. All of the piezo systems including their active electronics are great. I wouldn't say though that I know piezos well - I operate only three different systems in total, and just one of them would apply to a Les Paul. [rolleyes] This is what the following lines and pictures are about.


My SG Supra features a Fishman Tune-O-Matic Power Bridge stock. There's a hole drilled and a cable canal routed for the wiring, but if I modified a Les Paul what I possibly may do in the future, I would file a gap into the bridge pickup ring and run the piezo cable there.


Here's what came with my SG Supra:









The picture shows the short-shaft version. There's also a long-shaft version offered on the product page; this one applies to Les Paul guitar tops.


I don't know where to buy a battery back like the one shown below - original Gibson picture -, but I think it would be the best solution:




EDIT: You will also need a nine-pin stereo output jack. It can be bought from Fishman but at a fraction of the price from other vendors, too:


http://www.amazon.com/Fishman-Switching-active-magnetic-pickups/dp/B0002E3772 [scared]




Comment: My SG has a tube jack, neither required nor recommendable for a Les Paul.

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