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I'm an idiot....


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exactly my point. the are american. but cant you still be american if you live in mexico? that is part of america. i know the really are made in the USA but i was just talking about the wording of it. gibsons say "made in the USA" not "american made" .


wouldn't any country in north or south america technically be american?



Well thats a very valid point, sorry haters... but I do agree with him... people often talk about "america" when reffering to what I like to call the country without a name. Some give the term "american" a bad name and make "being american" a bad taste... I am american... canadians are too... you guys are just USAeans... or unitedstateans... or just EANS.


Pulling your strings a little, but you gotta admit the boy has a point (whatever it had to do with the threads topic is a whole other thing...)

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