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Fake or Not?


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Hello All,

After having this guitar within a few years now, I never actually cared to find out if my guitar was a fake or not. After reading some forums about how gibsons absolutely do not have three knobs, made me wonder that for shure my guitar is a fake. I wanted to be shure, so im asking for your help. From the serial number it looks like it has been made in 1985. It looks like the standard xpl cream explorer on ebay but, doesn't have the explorer type of look. Please Help! thanks a bunchies!



the guitar on ebay.








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I don´t know about the e-bay pics. But the SG shown in those other pictures looks real. There were SGs like this back in the 80s or 90s. Rather the 90s. And who ever told you that 3 knob nonsense was either wrong or misunderstood. It may be true for certain models. I even got original Gibson catalogues with 3 knob SGs in.





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