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Solo with voice harmonizer


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Any of you solo performers use a vocal harmonizer? Just picked up the digitech 4 processor. Welcome any and all input on using this processor. [confused]



I have not seen that one, but have the TC Electronics Play Acoustic, which had too many menus so when the Boss VE-8 with simple knob controls was announced, it was mine. Way simpler and nicer for acoustic guitars with pickups. I just put a track up with a Lou Reed tune - I like using it.




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Yep. I use the Play Acoustic and it makes a huge difference to the quality of my vocal output. Unlike Blues King I did not find the menus and options excessive, just needed to take my time. In actual fact having lots of setting levels is critical as a lot of the time one needs to experiment in creating levels that work for you.


The play acoustic is great for two reasons vocally. It has a natural vocal 'enhance' features that listens to your vocals and automatically adds a bit of bass or treble or whatever it does, but it does sounds fuller and richer compared if you went directly from a mike into an amp or PA. Then there are the harmonies which really help a lot, BUT the trick as has been metioned its all about subtlety and less is more. I use mainly two harmonies, octave up and also high / lo and apply them sometimes for the whole song, sometimes for chorus or 2nd or third verse to build the song up. 99% of people will not even notice that Im using the harmony if its set right, even pro musicians, or at least they werent aware of it when a couple listed to me once.


I highly recommend it, the Play Acoustic makes one punch way above their weight and makes you more confident.


(although this reply is probably not what you wanted as it doesnt say anything about the unit you bought, however wihtout having any experience with it suggest that its probably similar to the one i use, so hopefully the principles behind using such a unit can be shared)

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