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I Got My Amp!!!


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Hey guys. Remember that thread "Best tube amp for your money" ? In the end, i didn't get the Blues Jr. I liked online, and then i went to play it, and it just sounded like there was i lot more sound trying to come out. And it wasn't. I dont know how to explain it. I just didn't like the sound.


I came home with a Vox Valvetronix VT50


I love the amp models, it sounds great, plenty of effects(even though i almost never use them), GREAT tube sound (it weighs like one tooo:) ), and its NOT coming with me on vacation! (Are Nine's right, why spend the vacation playing guitar?) wouldn't travel very well either(44.1 lbs. 20kg.).


Here's the pics! I dont care about space on the page.










Love that attenuator in the back.


EDIT: The bass isn't mine.

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I have mixed versions of this (both from vox)


One says they have a tube preamp and other says they have a "tube power amp reactor"



What I know from those I've owned is:


The first run of valvetronix amps (those that looked like "original" vox amps but with blue cloth) featured a solid state power amp and a tube preamp.


The new valvetronix series feature what they say is a tube power amp and a digital emulation preamp, which is suposed to work best (and does the job better than all of the other emulating gizmos out there IMO).


The problem with most emulating amps and hybrid amps is that most makers use a tube preamp, which, when passing through a solid state power amp looses all its warmth and character.


The latest vox design uses the tube as both a preamp tube and a power amp tube, so you get the best tube/digital/solid state mix posible, in my opinion those amps are great.


There's an explanation and a chart explaining how they manage it on vox's webpage but I cant find it right now (they revamped their web recently) I will search for it and post it later.

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