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Tift Merritt playing a BIrd LIVE on Facebook right now


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They sound good - looks as if he's on a LG-something with a new guard.

Her Bird is a real-deal fixed saddled first-waver. Lucky girl - and she really shines with that minimal crack in the voice.

There's another performance on the Tube where she plays a rosewood-saddled Southern. And a late-60's J-45.

A square shoulder fan she seems to be.

Will try to find more, thx.


For some annoying reason I have trouble steaming the FB-thing - interruption issue.


2013 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R44kha78RB0

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She also plays this old beat up LG2 I think... there is a front porch video with here at Merle fest which is pretty special.

I'm a big fan.

She also had one song of hers (Bramble Rose) recorded by Don Henley. It made me buy Cass County just for that. And to my delight, halfway though the song, Mick Jagger starts playing a harmonica, and he sings the third verse. That was a real good day when I got to hear that song for the first time.

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Great mix of guitar and vocals from a simple setup. Lovely warm, hollow tone on the Hummingbird - it looked like rosewood back and sides though. Nicely restrained playing that complemented her vocals. Reminds me of those 'Tiny Desk' sessions on Youtube.





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