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Epiphone Lucille new by China or second hand by Korea for the same price


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Hello after I sold it few years ago now I want to buy another time an Epiphone Lucille . My was built in Korea and was a nice guitar . Now it is biult in China.

China guitar are better than old korea production ?

I have this doubt because I found new China model new for the same prime of two second hand model built in Korea .

Would you buy between this two ?

Yhanks for suggest .

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I had a Korean Epiphone Lucille a number of years ago that I traded but have always missed. That guitar had a great feeling neck and was very well finished but the pickups weren't that inspiring. I swapped the pickups for I believe, the 57/57classics, sounded great. I ordered another one from Sam Ash and just got it this last week. Love the neck, fantastic finish and I swear the pickups are much better in this Chinese guitar than the one I had that was built in Korea. I'm going to play this for awhile before I decide on the pickups, but at this point I'm inclined to leave them in. I bought this with the notion that I would have to change the pickups out, and concerns about Chinese made versus Korean. No concerns now, just go with the new one, it's really good, maybe better concerning the pickups and sound stock, but my memory could be failing me a bit as I am getting older:)

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If it were me, I'd opt for the "New" Chinese version. The "Stock" electronics are better (usually, anyway), and

fit and finish is beautiful, these days! The Chinese versions, are more like Gibson body shapes, the Korean versions

had a more "generic" body style. At least on the Sheraton II, and Dot version. Not sure about "Lucille!" I just

remember that something seemed a bit "odd," about the Korean body style, when I was out "shopping!" But, as luck

would have it, I found a Gibson "Lucille" for an amazing price, brand new. So, I spent the extra money! :)


But, I'm sure either one would be just fine, all things being equal. If the pickups, and wiring, on the used

Korean version, aren't to your liking, that's a fairly easy "fix!"


Good Luck!



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I think some ppl are trying to make the claim that the older MIKs were just better made, and hold higher values. I don't believe this is at all true.


I've got a new sherry pro II and it's miles better than the late 90's MIK sherry I had.


like CB says,, the hardware/electronics of the newer ones are better, by a long shot.

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My guess is you would have to play them to find the differences, if any. I have a '96 Korean Epiphone Dot that is very, very good as well as four outstanding Epiphone Les Paul Deluxes ('98 to 2000) all made in Korea.



One issue is that if you get a '96 or earlier Korean the TOM bridge posts will be 72mm and today everything is 74mm so changing the bridge will be an issue.



If I had a '98 or newer Korean option to buy I would buy it - if it plays well.





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I had a MIK Epi Howard Roberts; Riviera and Samick L5 - all dogs. If the BB is made at the Quangdao plant - which seems to be like their custom shop - it's going to be an excellent to great guitar. I own 4 and two surpass anything I ever owned from Gibson going back to the '60's. Current Chinese electronics far surpass the Korean stuff and as to " needing " to change pickups - I did on all four - it's subjective.

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