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Is this a good deal?


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First, note my overall cynicism in that a "good deal" simply is one in which both parties walk away feeling they did well in the exchange.


Second, I don't know how much you know about guitars.


This is not a "stock" instrument, as presented by the proposed seller. Whether the pots and pups are as advertised, I'd have no clue.


However, the hard shell case is worth having regardless of price on a semi-hollow.


The photos make it look good, too.


With case, you're talking about half the price of new "online," it sounds like a deal, especially with the case added.


If I wanted something of the sort, I'd make arrangements to see the instrument.


My own concerns would be on such as neck attachment, mechanical stuff like the bridge, output jack, etc., for its physical integrity and whether it'd require a major setup with my own strings.


But... if I wanted something of the sort, I'd make arrangements to see the instrument at a safe neutral location, and with arrangement on type of payment, e.g., cash, money order, cashier's check, etc. I'm really cynical so I'd suggest working so you don't appear flush with cash when you do the meeting, and with arrangement to make the payment post-evaluation. E.g., "My wife (brother, whatever) has my cash at the XXXX restaurant a couple blocks away, so since I want it, can you follow me there for payment?"


Again, I'll admit to cynicism and caution on such exchanges...



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It's not horrible, but with all the gold worn off of the stop tail, I'd definitely check it for worn frets. I would cover those pickups with original style covers because plain black humbuckers scream cheap to me. Not a bad deal with the case though. I would travel around town a bit and especially the Guitar Center locations and see what they have. I would also take a small flashlight and a mechanics mirror to look at the pots, and ask if it's okay if you loosen the strings and look at the back of the humbuckers to make sure they're what he says they are. With the plain black faces they could be anything. If he balks at showing the backs of the pickups I would walk away.

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This is not a "stock" instrument....


The price is pretty good for a sherrie, but the guit is pretty seriously modded, and it's hard to say how that turned out. I expect burstbuckers are better than the stock pups though.....

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I bought it, turned out to be in great shape. Sounds great and jams with the bursts. Only trouble was he smokes so it was pretty stinky at first but it's aired out now. I'm going to take it for a proper set-up at the shop next week. Should be fun to play!

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