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Mod stuff just arrived... !!!


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Guys guys guys... (and gals, if any)


As some might remember I ordered some stuff to mod my std faded a while ago... my friend who was supposed to bring it stayed over there and told me he wouldnt return till may... I wasnt going to wait that much, so I asked him to mail the stuff to me via USPS (I wasnt going to pay DHL... too expensive IMO).


The stuff just arived! I oppened the package and there was all I asked the mo-fo to buy for me


-gibson pickup covers (both neck position, nickel)

-position markers (4, nickel)

-gibson creme neck pickup ring (yeah... me, the a$$hole broke the neck pup ring while turning the pickup around...)

-gibson amber switch tip

-gibson gold/gold top hat knobs (set of 4, with volume and tone on each pair)



I have lots of things to do today and tonight... but I'll find time to take pics, take the guitar appart and replace everything... will take pics of the process, and hopefully will do the peter green mod too.


I recently aplied GHS guitar polish and the guitar ended just as it would have ended with the virtuoso treatment, if not better, hope new pics show it.




Wish me luck!

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...cant wait to arrive home... funny thing is, I have everything to work with right here: guitar, tools, the stuff.


But I only have my cellphone's camera, and while it's kind of nice (2,5 megapixel, carl zeiss lens) I would preffer to take pics with the "real" camera, and it's at home... I want to have some decent pics for you guys...


Seeing as how fast and reliable the USPS is (first time using it, I used to pay for DHL shiping) I think I might just ask my friend for some parts for the studio (maybe chrome or nickel as I dont like gold that much).

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For those of you interested in this thread, I just finished installing everything and did the peter green mod... I didnt do it yesterday as it was a friend's birthday and I got home at 5 am.


Ihavent played her yet, but will soon (in about 3 minutes, have to tune her first). I got pics of everything but will post just some (the ones that come out ok).


I am now uploading them to my computer and then to photobucket... then I will start a new thread.

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