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J-45 Batwing Pickguard help please.....

Expat Al

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Folks - first post, but pretty sure someone can help out.

Was recently given a 74/75 J45 deluxe. It's had a hard life so needs some restoration: Couple of top cracks, binding replacement and shrunken pickguard replacement.

I have been building / repairing acoustic guitars for 20+ years so the work doesn't faze me.


All of the pattern pickguards I can find are slightly the wrong shape. Also had a look at the J200 / J185 batwing type in case this guitar had anon standard pickguard out of the factory....but no luck. Anyone else seen this issue, and if so, did you find a source for the new guard?


Making a new guard is an option, but I have not found and sheet blanks of any kind which match or look as good as the original celluloid tortoise shell guard. Some of the high end replacement guards have the right 'look', but are the wrong shape. Hmmmmm.....


Can post pics if it helps.




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You could make one yourself, using the old one as a pattern. Yes, I know it has shrunk, but you may be able to take a footprint pattern off the top.


The link below goes to Terrapin, which makes custom and stock pickguards. They have free full-size PDF patterns for almost every Gibson pickguard, so you should find something there that will work on your guitar. Just print out the PDF, and see what fits. I notice that on the batwings he says they can cut the soundhole radius to whatever it needs to be.


A fair number of the Gibson square dreads also had Martin-style pickguards, and he even has PDF's of the Gibson version.


This is a great resource.



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Any suggestions on replacing a well worn J-200 pick guard, or should it just be sent back to Montana??


There are two schools of thought on this.

One is that paint on pick guards will wear off over time under normal use, and isn't covered.

The other is that paint shouldn't wear off and should be covered.

You might want to contact Gibson before you send it back.

Many companies require you obtain pre-approval before sending them stuff.



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