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My j45 is gone


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But only for a week

Finally got a young man to give my guitar a bit of a service. Plenty about but this is the first one I've found who I 100% trust.

Guy also builds his own guitars and is an ex lowden employee


New nut , saddle , fret replacement in part and a dress

Plus the usual truss rod tweak clean up etc etc

Rip out the useless pickup that has no volume control . What were they thinking!


Hence interest in sals m1 approval


Will updat next Saturday when I collect her again

Cant wait

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Well I said I'd come back the thread


An already great guitar has been well improved from the setup


Got 5 new frets and the rest of them dressed and polished .

Removed the horrible factory fishman pickup

New bone nut and bone saddle . The saddle is straight , he twiddled about with the break point along its length for intonation, which is now absolutely spot on, but didn't use a compensated saddle


Usual truss rod tweak

New strings and a clean


Guitar plays like a dream


Don't think twice about getting your guitar to a trusted luthier. Worth every single penny



Em- nope , no black nut . Mine is a historic . So white button tuners which I wouldn't change , unless I was rich and then I'd put Waverley white button open backed ones on . But I'm not , so I'll stick with what's on it .

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He put dadarrio 12's on

Still waiting for the strings to die down to get a true reflection on the new sounds

Definite increase in volume .

Bone saddle ? Undersaddle pickup ? Both probably making a difference there.


But it's the playability that is worth playing for

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Sal ,

Sure a pickup is planned for when I gather a few pound up , although I'm really wanting to get a pole speaker of some description this year ( I usually scrape some money in the summer months to use for fun pirchases)

Am impressed with BK's examples of the fishman aura DI , which would then allow me to simply go with a soundhole pickup , and your praise of the baggs m1 lodged in my head .


I liked the k&k I had in the martin also

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