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Allen Eden cases


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Epiphone and D'Angelico 335 style semi hollow gits are hard to fit a case to because the heads are longer than a standard ES-335.


The folks at Allen Eden (on Ebay and Reverb) have some real nice vintage looking naugabeast tweed (NOT Cloth) cases that fit the Epi Sheridan and D'A and other models like a Les Paul.


The larger 335 cases have five latches, the LP models have four. They're pretty well made of plywood, and it actually looks like a thicker laminate than my Gibson CS case. The padding is adequate and has a nice angled pad under the back and the "plush" lining is on a par with a Gibson case but maybe not as fuzzy to the touch. The storage box is held to the case walls with EIGHT screws.


All in all they are a pretty good deal for under $100 (shipped) for that git you get without a case, and I really like the tweed look.


AFAIK Allen Eden is the only case in a tweed finish for a long head 335 style body (maybe for 335 styles period), good stuff and less $$ than an OEM. Another plus is it has no brand name splashed on the side... (GIBSON) which while the case itself is incognito in that respect they are a bit flashy.


Sorry about the crappy phone pic.



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Excellent ! I've been considering replacing my LP Std case,


I saw these (I think on Amazon..) also looking at the Gator deluxe cases, (brown/pink interior and shroud) 110bucks


The couple of Gator cases I had fell apart. The AE cases look to be extremely well built.

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I bought an Epiphone 335 pro and wanted to get a case. So you are saying it fits this guitar really well ? I looked at their website and they say be sure you know it will work for your guitar because they will not refund your money if it doesn"t fit.


My Sheraton for with ~3/4" to spare at the top, and the Sheraton would not fit my 335 case at all.


I read the same notice, and I wrote them, and they took measurements for me, and sent me a pic with a Sheraton in the case. I'd probably do that if I were you. I'd would only be concerned if the head on the 335 was longer than the Sheraton.


My Sheraton is 44" measured across the top INCLUDING the strap button to the top of the head using a flexible tape.

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